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Trusty Tails Pet Care has been proudly serving Hoboken and the surrounding area since 2006… and we’re growing! Read more to find out how we began and how we can better serve you.

Meet The Trusty Tails Team

At Trusty Tails Pet Care, we care about you and your pets! You are a part of our Trusty Tails family, after all. We strive to provide a top notch, professional experience from first contact through the end of each walk or visit. Whether it is on the job or in the office and behind the scenes, you can rest assured that we are a group of hardworking, responsible individuals that are passionate about your pet. Our team promises to always provide friendly, loving care to our Trusty Tails family, furry and non-furry alike.

Heather Gaida


HEATHERYears ago, I used to commute daily to New York City and had a dog walker come each day while I was at work. I was always envious of her job. Then, I started walking dogs in 2006 while working on my master’s degree in education. Upon graduation, I opted not to become a teacher (sorry kids). I just loved my job way too much! I decided to remain a dog walker. Clients, neighbors and friends got to know me, they helped spread the word about Trusty Tails, the business continued to grow… and here we are today.

As the owner of Trusty Tails Pet Care, I am very proud of where we are today as a company. I hold the business to very high standards and am passionate about providing the best pet care around. Additionally, I am always looking for ways to improve our systems, technology, training and development for the team.

I moved to Hoboken, NJ in 2000 and then to Glen Ridge, NJ in 2016 where I live with my husband, two children and two Kerry Blue Terriers (Blue and Lacey). My clients, their humans and my staff are all a part of my family, as we have become very close over the years. I am truly passionate about my business and proudly operate with sincerity and integrity every step of the way. My team and I all look forward to getting to know you and your pets and building a lasting relationship through the years!



JOJOI am mom to Boo Boo and Moo Moo and reside in Weehawken, NJ with my furry family.  I have been rescuing and fundraising for Liberty Humane Society and PAD Paws in Jersey City and for Companion Animal Placement in Hoboken and Weehawken, NJ since 2006.

I’ve lived over two decades in the metro New York and New Jersey area and enjoy meeting all the new people and their fur babies into this exciting region of the country.   After a few years caring for hundreds of animals in the field, I’ve watched the demand for excellent pet care continue to grow and grow.   With new pets and their owners being added to the added to the Trusty Tails family steadily, I switched gears to help founder Heather manage and supervise the business and now manage Operations & Client Relations.

A combination of my love of animals and a background in business and client relations from Citigroup and Walt Disney makes being part of Trusty Tails Pet Care a fitting  adventure! Over the years, we’ve researched and identified ways to become the ultimate provider in full service pet care in the area.  We search high and low and find and employ remarkable team members.

It is absolutely true that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. At Trusty Tails, we do love what we do, are immensely proud of how far we’ve come, and can’t wait to share that with all of you.



I’ve spent more than 15 years of Human Resources for Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology companies.  I came to Hoboken in 2011 and recently moved to Savannah, GA with my husband.

My love for dogs began at a very early age.  Since as far as I can remember, our house was never without a dog.  At one point, we gave home to 7 dogs and 6 cats – a Rottweiler, six mixed-breeds and 6 persian cats.  Aside from cats & dogs, I grew up with birds and guinea pigs as pets. They are an awesome sight to behold watching them have little fights and play around a lot with each other.  Currently, I have a 7-year old Chow Chow, named Buddha, who lives with my parents.  It was not easy having to move to a place where pets weren’t allowed, but as luck would turn out, Trusty Tails needed a Human Resources person and so here I am.   I join the team in developing HR policies and processes and taking care of furry pets of all kinds!

I take pride in working for Trusty Tails.  Not only do I get to be around  animals but I get to do what I do best career-wise.  Here’s looking forward to meeting you and your adorable furry babies.



REBECCAI’m a media producer hailing from upstate New York. I came to Hoboken in 2015 for easier access to all the prospects of the Big Apple, only to find a fabulous opportunity to join the Trusty Tails team right here in Hudson County.

Having always had a variety of pets in my life, ranging from cats and dogs to horses and alpacas, it was difficult to move into a household without a furry friend or three around; fortunately for me (and you!), Trusty Tails offers the chance to share all of that love with your furry family on a regular basis. Plus, I’ve spent the last decade of my life working as a dog walker and pet sitter while shadowing as a technician at my hometown veterinary hospital, so I’m trained and prepared to handle all breeds and needs.

Providing extraordinary service is a commitment I take very seriously, anticipating and attending to the needs of clients with the same level of respect and care I would give my own pets. The peace of mind that comes with having a reliable team lovingly looking after your dog or cat is priceless, and knowing how happy it makes you to receive updates about your pet’s daily adventures never fails to make me smile; there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing joy to your life and theirs.  I look forward to meeting you and setting some tails to wagging!

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