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3 Reasons You Should Be Using In-Home Dog Care When You Travel

As pet parents, we always want what’s best for our fur babies. Traveling with a pet can be a bit of a process, and even further, it’s stressful when we have to leave them behind. As a pet lover and owner, we know that having pets happy and healthy is the best outcome. Especially when […]

How Do I Know My Pet Sitter Came?

In today’s busy world, the last thing that you should be worrying about is whether or not your pet was attended to while you’re away. As much as we’d all love for our dogs and cats to be able to feed and clean up after themselves, it just isn’t so; that’s where your friendly professional […]

Group Dog Walk vs Solo Dog Walk?

We’ve all seen them: the dog walkers surrounded by lots of excited pets, all attached to a mass of leashes or tenuously clipped to a belt. You’re probably wondering: “Is this what I’m signing up for with Trusty Tails?” “Will my dog be taken on a solo walk like when I have him out?”  “Will […]

Top 10 Halloween Events for Dogs in NYC & NJ

Fall is here, which means Halloween is right around the corner!  If you’re lucky enough to live in the New York City area, there are a lot of dog-friendly perks during this time of the year. Whether you and your furry friend are interested in participating in a costume contest, or you’re just looking to […]

Best Tribeca NYC Animal Hospitals

  It is so important to be familiar with what hospital you are taking your animal to. Some hospitals aren’t so high-quality and up-to-date with the new technology. It is so important to find services that are passionate and dedicated towards taking care of your animal. In New York City, there are a ton of animal hospitals, however […]

Montclair, NJ Vets: Dr. Brenda King

Finding a vet that you love and trusty with your pet’s life can be tricky.  Montclair, NJ Vet Dr. Brenda King, has a great reputation on google and yelp.  Read below is a bit about her practice and what she has to offer below. Location and Contact Information Website:  http://brendakingvet.com/ Address:  2 Forest Street, Montclair, […]

Tribeca Pet Friendly Apartment – Barclay Tower

Are you looking for a pet friendly building in Tribeca or Lower Manhatten?  The Barclay Tower is the perfect rental apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC for a cat or dog lover.    6-10 Barclay Street is not only pet friendly, but offers many other amenities an individual with a busy schedule requires.   […]