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Hoboken Pet Stores: Cornerstone Pets

Trusty Tails is pleased to present an interview with Hoboken Pet Store Cornerstone Pets! Meagan Matthews, Cornerstone Pets’ business owner, gave us some insight on the business and where to find all of their great products, both online and in-store. Hoboken Pet Store Cornerstone Pets Your name: Meagan Matthews Company name: Cornerstone Pets Company Phone: 201-653-4644 Location(s): […]

Five Easy Ways to Keep Your Puppy Safe at Home

If you’ve just gotten a new puppy, you’re probably head over heels in love with your pooch already! Puppies are little balls of energy that love exploring their surroundings and seeking out new experiences, which is why they are so much fun to have around. However, their natural curiosity and lust for life is also […]

Five Reasons Why Your Puppy Is Like Your Baby

The saying a dog is man’s best friend isn’t wrong, but it’s also not that accurate either. When you have a dog, you can feel great affection for it. But as a friend? Not so much. You might disagree, but when you have a dog, it definitely doesn’t feel like just a friend – more […]

Doggie Dos and Don’ts To Ensure Your Pooch Is Happy and Healthy

Being the owner of a dog is a huge responsibility. They need a variety of things like love, attention, exercise, and care. So, make sure that you are looking after your canine buddy properly by checking out the dos and don’ts of doggy care, listed below. Do Check Your Finances Before Getting a Dog Do […]

Can I Have A Dog Mom? Five Reasons To Get A Family Dog

Your kids have been pestering you for a dog for some time, but you’re not convinced. Despite everyone’s promises to do their bit, you suspect you’ll be the one to do the walking and the cleaning. And how well do dogs get on with kids? Image Credit: Pexels There are many things to consider when […]

Watch Out For These Common Health Problems In Your Dog

Part of being a responsible pet owner is taking good care of the health of your dog. There are many diseases, infections, and ailments which can affect dogs of all kinds. Some issues affect some dogs more than others. For instance, bigger dogs are more prone to things like joint problems. Nonetheless, it’s important you […]

Keeping Your Dog Healthy: The How To Guide

Our dogs are like family members and it’s important to us all that we make sure their health is in top shape. Here are some useful tips to help you keep your best furry friend bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Keep Your Dog Hydrated Make sure there’s always water in your dog’s bowl. Change the water twice […]

Avoiding Doggy Disaster: An Essential Guide For The New Dog Owner

Being a new dog owner is a big responsibility. You’ll want everything just right for your new addition. You’ve probably researched about how to care for your new pet. There’s a lot of joy to be had from your new addition, and when things go right, it can be incredibly rewarding. But what about when […]

Currently Seeking: Bloggers

If you like writing, taking photos and videos about your community and are passionate about pets, we would love to hear from you! We are a pet care company based in Hoboken, NJ seeking bloggers in each of the following counties – Essex, Hudson and Monmouth. We are looking for someone who must have: Quality […]

Top Warm Coats for Dogs in Winter

If you live in the colder states and experience the crazy winter weather, then you must ensure your dog is nice and warm. In fact, he just might need a winter coat! Just because dogs have fur that does not mean they are safe from hypothermia. Your dog has a normal body temp of about […]

Why Your Precious Pooch Is So Badly Behaved

When dogs behave themselves, it’s great. They’re great companions who’ll stick by you no matter what. But when dogs behave badly, you sometimes don’t even want to leave the house. Understanding why your dog is developing behavioral problems is, therefore, crucial. Here’s what might be going wrong. Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org Fear Periods Or Adolescence Photo […]

Nine of the Funniest Dog Videos

Audrey Hepburn once said “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” Our dogs and all of the dogs of the world certainly keep us laughing don’t they? Maybe that’s […]

The Best Crates for Puppies

A dog’s natural instincts lead him to seek refuge in his own shelter or den. A crate provides your dog with a place where he can feel safe, cozy and maybe just take a breather from the rest of the family. While many pet parents utilize a crate for potty training purposes, a crate, when […]

Top Water Fountains for Dogs

If you have been trying to find a way to get your dog drink more water, as well as ensure they have plenty available while you are away from home, you may want to consider investing in a water fountain for pets. Believe it or not, there are some dogs that really don’t make a […]

Quality Treats for Your Dog

As you are selecting over the counter dog treats for your furry family members, you should keep in mind the same things you do when selecting food for their meals and yours too. According to The Whole Dog Journal, whole food ingredients are the best! What should I look for? What’s in a label? Take […]

The Top 10 Dog Names of 2015

According to NBC news, pet owners were expected to spend 60 billion dollars on their dogs for the year 2015. Are you surprised? We’re not! With these figures in mind, it’s no surprise that naming a dog can become quite the adventure and a very important one at that! Not sure what to name your […]

Baking the Best Dog Treats at Home

Choosing the best dog or cat treats can truly be a daunting task for even the most educated pet owner. Between learning how to read the treat labels and figuring out what ingredients to avoid, it can get confusing and well, very time consuming. When it comes right down to it, the only real way […]

Top Ten Breeds of Tea Cup Dogs

It is a widely acknowledged fact that pet-loving people can be divided into two distinct groups: dog-lovers and cat-lovers. However, when we talk about tea cup dogs, everyone seems to love them equally, even the self-proclaimed cat lovers! Considering bringing a teeny, tiny ball of love into your family? Here are the top ten breeds […]

The Hidden Hazards of Easter

Not everyone knows of the dangers for pets around Easter. For instance, the Easter grass and plastic eggs used in all those awesome Easter baskets can be very dangerous or even deadly. EASTER GRASS Photo Credit: www.fun-world.net Felines love anything that moves or makes noise. Easter grass does both. It’s a surgery waiting to happen […]

The Top 10 Best Toys for Cats

House cats are cute, cuddly, and innocent little pets, but they never forget their wild cat roots. They need lots of exercise and activities that engage their natural hunting skills. We’ve gathered the 10 best cat toys that are guaranteed to work, because they are specifically made to target their wild side! 1. A Box […]

Rabbits As Pets and How to Care for Them

While the most popular pets are cats and dogs people have adopted bunnies as pets. According to Rabbit.org, “Rabbits are intelligent, social animals who need affection, and they can become wonderful companion animals if given a chance to interact with their human families.” Rabbits, like cats and dogs, will lead healthier lives if spayed or […]