What Does Curb Your Dog Mean?

What Does Curb Your Dog Mean-

We all see the signs and we all know the phrase.  Here at Trusty Tails, we are always asked “What does curb your dog mean?” by new dog owners in town.   The answer to this is quite simple:

  1. Make sure your dog goes to the bathroom on or near the curb preventing him from peeing on your neighbor’s property,
  2. Pick up your dog’s poop, and
  3. Just generally being responsible about all matters concerning your dog’s excretion.

State and Local Laws for “Curb Your Dog”

What Does Curb your Dog Mean?Every state has their rules on curbing your dog.  Understanding the laws in your state and community as well as abiding by them, is important for you, your dog and the community at large. The idea of the phrase “curb your dog” is believed to have its origin in the fact that if dogs walked on the curb, then their waste would fall there where it could be picked up by the cleaners. A few of the laws outlined here are general ones, and are adaptable everywhere.

Different communities have different laws on where dogs are allowed to be walked and/or exercised. This also includes places where they are not allowed to relieve themselves or “answer the call of nature,” so to say.  In most places, dogs are allowed to be walked and picked-up after on any public roads, but some do not allow a dog to defecate in specific areas even if the owner intends to clean up after the dog.  Occasionally, you may see a “no-dogs-on-grass” rule is periodically enforced by a city’s Health Department, parks officials and police officers.  If you disregard this rule, you will be doing so at your own risk as the fines can be substantial.

Pick Up the Poo

The standard in most places is that once a dog defecates, the owner or the person walking the dog must immediately pick up the waste. They can use a bag, a shovel or anything they choose; the important thing is that they pick up the waste and take it home with them to be disposed of as appropriate. In most cities, it is a rule to carry pick-up bags and pick up and dispose of dog waste promptly.

What To Do With the Picked Up Poo

A number of communities have rules on the disposal of pet waste while some have none at all.  Most states or communities generally require that feces be wrapped and put in the trash or flushed in the toilet.  The aim is to prevent the feces from getting into the storm drains and pipes from where it could possibly end up in the water systems resulting in serious health implications.

For dog owners or people walking dogs, it is a general courtesy you always pick up after your dog and when you see someone not picking up after their dog, perhaps the need a bag, so politely offer one and inform them to do so.

Don’t Want to Pick Up Your Dog’s Poo?

Trusty Tails is here to help!  We’d love to walk your dog and are guaranteed to ‘curb your dog’ and dispose of the poo in the proper place.  Contact Us today to set up a free consultation and schedule your next walk today!