Trusty Tails Purchases Hoboken Property For Dog Grooming Studio And Business HQ

We’re so excited to share the news with you! We’ve purchased a new property in our beloved town of Hoboken, NJ and will be moving in soon! Our new Trusty Tails Headquarters, located at 155 4th Street, will house a Main Office for the Management Team and Staff as well as a Grooming Studio for our fur friends to have their hair done.

The Problems With Using A Pet Sitter in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken is truly a special place to live for many reasons. In our busy, bustling city there is definitely never a dull moment – but all of the hustle and bustle can actually make it difficult to secure a pet sitter when you need one. Today we’re going to talk about the problems with using a pet sitter in Hoboken, NJ and how you can go about avoiding those potential problems.

problems with hiring a pet sitter

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Because Hoboken is a growing, thriving city of upwards of 53,000 people in the population, pet sitter schedules fill up QUICK – especially around the holidays. Therefore, if you’re trying to book a sitter for Christmas or Memorial Day weekend a couple days before, you may have a tough time finding someone.

The best way to avoid this is to arrange a pet sitter as soon as your vacation plans are finalized. This will ensure that you’ll get the pet care that you need, and will allow the pet sitting to company to prepare for your departure.

So Many Choices!

After doing an initial Google search, I found that there dozens of pet sitting companies in Hoboken – and I’m sure there’s many more that I missed. So how in the world will YOU as someone in need of pet sitting know which company is going to best suit your needs?

The answer is found by doing research. By calling each company, or visiting their website, you’ll be able to get a good feel of what each company is like and how they operate. You’ll to find answers to the important questions such as cost and billing, visit times, communication methods,  etc. Then you’ll be able to make an educated decision on which company fits your needs best.

While there are certainly some challenges with using pet sitters in Hoboken, these challenges can be easily avoided simply by planning ahead and doing research. We want to ensure that your vacation and travels go smoothly without any worry. By researching each pet sitting company and by letting them know as soon as possible when you need services, you’ll ensure that your pet care expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Have Questions About Hiring a Pet Sitter in Hoboken, NJ?

Check out our free ebook on “How to Hire a Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company“.  You can also contact us through our website or call us at 201.446.1559.

Relocating to Hoboken?

Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Can Help | Are You Relocating to Hoboken?

Welcome to town!

Blue Hoboken Pet SitterHoboken is a wonderful place to live. My family and I have been living here for over a decade and have no intentions of leaving here any time soon.   I, personally, know all about the headaches and anxieties of relocating to Hoboken.  I moved here in 2000 from Springfield, VA in Fairfax County.

As a pet owner, you have many options in Hoboken for all sorts of services.  Many of the businesses are incredibly pet friendly and are excited when you come to their store with your pet.  Blue always knows that when he makes a de-paw-sit and PNC Bank here in town…biscuits are always waiting for him! At Trusty Tails Pet Care our services are customized to your pet’s every need.  From dog walking and cat sitting to vacation visits, overnights, and your every pet sitting need.  We are here for you. Read what sets us apart from all the rest. The below are a few businesses I highly recommend with regards to care for you pet.  These are businesses I have frequented and services I have used over the years for my own dog, Blue.

VETERINARIANS animal infirmary

Blue has been to all of these veterinarians.  He’s been going to the Animal Infirmary since he was a wee pup in 2005, beginning with his shots and his first eh-hem special surgery (being neutered).  Dr. Tudor and his team are fantastic.  The other animal hospitals, Blue has gone to for various things over the years from an eye specialist for a cyst, to a weird growth on his nose, to an injured paw from running in the woods.


There are some great pet stores in Hoboken with personalized, knowledgeable, friendly service, quality foods, toys and snacks for your cat or dog.  They’ll even deliver your goodies for you for free.  I can’t walk witin a block of these stores without Blue tugging me the whole way there.  Both have sample treats, get to know you and your pet, and give that warm fuzzy small town feeling.  Bewolf even has kitschy candy machine outside the shop that dispenses poo bags and treats.


Blue needs groomed every 6 weeks or so.   Before I had children, I would spend hours bathing and grooming him, giving him the perfect haircut.  Now, it becomes difficult to find the time to do this with two small boys wondering about.  I probably spend more time and money getting his hair down that I do my own…but hey, a pup has got to smell and look good?! Especially if he is going to sleep at the foot of my bed. Blue and many of my clients use the following groomers here in town.

  • Corrine Wahl at 201.610.9527 will provide you with a perfect cut and the best smelling dog ever (literally, the smell is amazing)!
  • Cozzy Cuts does both dog and cat grooming.
  • Fuzzy Butz  at 201.798.5111 where your dog roams free in an out door space while waiting their turn to be primped.
  • Hoboken Dog Wash where you can wash your own dog or have Erica Li at 917.747.5524 do it for your
  • You Lucky Dog has a super cute shop located in the middle of town guaranteed place for your pup to be pampered.

Don’t have time to take your pet to the groomers?  Don’t worry, we do pickup and drop off for you while you are at work!


Hoboken has lots of parks where you can walk with your dog on leash.  Here are the ones with specific dog runs in them.

  • Church Square
  • Elysian
  • Maxwell
  • The Shipyard
  • Stevens
  • 1600 Park



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