Best Tribeca NYC Animal Hospitals

Best Tribeca NYC Animal Hospitals


It is so important to be familiar with what hospital you are taking your animal to. Some hospitals aren’t so high-quality and up-to-date with the new technology. It is so important to find services that are passionate and dedicated towards taking care of your animal. In New York City, there are a ton of animal hospitals, however some are decent but only a few prove to be the absolute best.  In our article Best Tribeca NYC Animal Hospitals,  we’ve found 3 that have high-quality veterinarians and provide great service to you and your animal:


Here are the top 3 of the Best Tribeca NYC Animal Hospitals that we found on Google:


1.) Worth Street Veterinary Center

Location: 77 Worth Street 1st Floor, New York, NY

Phone:  (212) 257-6900


They are the best rating in the Lower Manhattan area and have proven to provide excellent and outstanding service for your animal. The most intriguing part of this hospital is its foundation. The entire building was designed by LEED to make it highly energy efficient. Everything is sustainable and healthy for the environment, already on the outside it seems to be a great choice. They provide a whole array of services such as grooming, boarding, day-care, physical therapy, and more!


Trusty Tails Pet Care


2.) Reade Street Animal Hospital

Location:  146 Reade Street (between Hudson & Greenwich), New York, NY

Phone:  (212) 274-1700


This adorable animal hospital is located right in the heart of Tribeca! It is at a perfect location and pretty close to Worth Street Veterinary Center as well. They have many services such as medicine care, tissue surgery, ultrasound imaging, and wellness health plans. You are guaranteed the best services here! They will definitely give your dog warmth and love and treat them as if they are their own.


3.) The Village Veterinarian

Location:  340 East 11th Street (between 1st and 2nd Ave), New York, NY

Phone:  (212) 979-9870


This veterinary center holds some of the most passionate veterinarians out there! Dedicated to their service, they take animal hospitals to a whole other level. The owner is highly involved in studying animal behavior and works very closely with his patients. All of the staff have great history and knowledge of animals and definitely can be trusted due to their amazing experiences. They provide a whole variety of services similar to the animal hospitals above. Some of these include health check-ups, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and more!


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Tribeca NYC Pet Friendly Apartments – 95 Worth Street

Tribeca NYC Pet Friendly Apartments Saranac 95 Worth Street (1)

Are you looking for a pet friendly apartment in the Tribeca area of New York City, NY?   95 Worth Street, NY, NY might be the perfect place for you.  This rental building is the newest of it’s kind in Tribeca.  And to top it off, Trusty Tails Pet Care services the building and is here to help you with your every pet care need.  Our Article “ Tribeca NYC Pet Friendly Apartments – Saranac 95 Worth Street” tells ya all you need to know.

Here is a bit about The Saranac Building


95 Worth Street, NY, NY 10013

Broadway between Worth Street and Catherine Lane


Pet Amenities

Check out our Pet Lover’s Guide to Tribeca to learn about all the pet amenities from veterinarians, pet stores, parks and more in the area.

Pet Care

There are a number of Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Companies that service The Saranac Building.  It’s important to do your research to ensure you hire a pet care company that properly suits the needs and you and your pet.  You can read our free ebook How To Hire A Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company if you would like to learn more.


Additional Amenities at The Saranac at 95 Worth Street, NY, NY 10013

  • 24-hr Doorman
  • Live in Super
  • Elevator
  • Gym
  • Laundry in Building
  • Parking
  • Fully Equipped Exercise Facility
  • Rec Facilities
  • Roof Deck


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Details About the Building

Built in 1999 and opened in 2000, The Saranac is located at Broadway between Worth Street and Catherine Lane.   The 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, 15 stories and 147 units, 9′ ceilings, huge terraces, and greenhouse windows and you’re allowed pets – what more could you ask for?

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