Puppy Socialization: How Can A Hoboken Pet Sitter Help?

Bringing home a puppy is a wonderful event!  How can you you not be filled with love and happiness at the sight of a bundle of unconditional love and fur?  As a new pet owner there are things you need to consider when bringing home your new puppy.

Puppies are very similar to little kids in the way of requiring guidance and care.  You can’t adopt a puppy and then leave him home alone while you run off to work.  A puppy needs care, attention, and socialization.  During your puppy’s first few months it is crucial for you to socialize him to ensure your he grows into a stable and confident dog.

With the help of a respected, qualified pet sitter, your puppy (and you) can benefit in many ways!

Puppy Socialization: A Hoboken pet sitter can assist in:

1. Taking your puppy for walks.

This is a wonderful way to acclimate him to the sights and sounds of the outside world.  Getting out, hearing cars, people and all of the everyday sounds can help avoid anxiety and fear of people and loud noises.  Proper socialization requires the puppy to interact with his world.

2. Getting your puppy used to walking on a leash is a wonderful idea.

This will ensure your dog is comfortable and helps train him to be a great walker as he gets older.  It also will keep him safe when you take him out to interact with mankind and other puppies too.

3. Potty Breaks.

Being able to learn all about potty breaks will benefit both you and your dog.  Being praised as he does his business builds his confidence and sets up his routine for going to the bathroom.  Dogs like having a routine but not only that, they require it.

4. Exercise and avoiding the boredom of being home alone.

This will keep your pup out of mischief.  Dogs will act out if not provided with proper outlets for socialization and energy release and hey, wouldn’t you get lonely if you were alone all day too?

Reach out to us at Trusty Tails to discuss how we can assist you with your new pup! Remember, being neglectful in the area of proper socialization will result in a fearful and possibly aggressive dog.

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