Tail of the Year Finalist 2021: Tail of Guttenberg

Trusty Tails in search of one pet in Hudson County, NJ to crown the Tail of the Year for 2021.  We’re in the final stage of our competition where one Tail has been chosen from each city.  Now, we need your help to decide who will be crowned Hudson County’s Tail of the Year 2021! Voting is from November 8 – November 23rd.  Every vote counts!


NAME:  Niko Puggington III

TITLE: Tail of Guttenberg

How old is your pet? Niko will be 9 months old on Nov 4th, 2021.

What breed is your pet? Niko is a pure-breed Pug

What are your pet’s special skills? Niko loves standing on his hind legs. Our favorite tricks to do with him are “high five” in which he gives us a high five while standing. And we can also cha-cha with Niko.

What is your pet’s favorite food? Niko goes crazy for almond butter and apples.

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What is your pet’s favorite toy?  Niko’s favorite toy is a PRIDE bear we bought him for the month of June. We had to buy a few to keep him happy because he takes it everywhere and they fall apart quickly.

Where is your pet’s favorite place to sleep?  He loves sleeping on his Shark Bed by the fireplace in our living room.

What is your pet’s favorite activity? He loves playing tag. He loves being chased by us around the apartment. And he loves being chased by other dogs at the dog park.

Where is your pet’s favorite place to hang out or walk? He enjoys Blvd East. He likes to meet other dogs on the walks.

What is the most mischievous thing your pet has ever done?  Niko has been accused of stealing $400 from my mother. As it goes, she had an envelope with $400 in it and they disappeared. She assumed she lost it until two weeks later it was found deep in one of his beds – the envelope chewed up. We argue that he found the money and is a hero but my mother thinks otherwise. Let the jury decide.


How did your pet come into your life?  We lost a beloved family pet a year ago and we got to a point where we wanted the company of another pet since we were both working from home because of COVID.

What makes your pet the best pet ever?  He’s the best pet ever because he does funny things. He has these funny little gasps he does from time to time. He’s super affectionate. He loves hanging out on me or my husband’s shoulders like a parrot.

Why did you decide to enter the Tail of the Year?  Someone reached out on Niko or my Instagram and mentioned the contest. Eddie and I were like, “Oh yeah, Niko is totally cute enough to compete.”

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes? We blasted the voting link on social media. We gave him a shout out on our podcast, “Remakes Reboots & Revivals.” And we mingled with other dog owners during Guttenberg Dog Day.

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What do you enjoy most about the Tail of the Year so far?  The Facebook page is such a nice community to be a part of. And all this glitz and glam from being in the contest is nice. I feel like a show-mom.

What advice would you give to the next tail of your city?  Be yourself, dog. And take that photo in PORTRAIT MODE, henny. And lots of them so you have more to choose from. Also, there’s no such thing as a bad photo of your pet.

How are you handling your new found fame?   All in stride. Trying to keep level-headed. We want Niko to grow up being a happy healthy Pug who remains grounded for the people and dog-kind.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?  Flight. So he can reach all the snacks on the counters.

What does it mean to be the Tail of your city?  Our little humble town of Guttenberg has such a huge dog population. It is an honor to have Niko represent the “hidden gem of Hudson county.”

Follow Niko on instagram @nikopuggington.