Tail of the Year Finalist 2021: Tail of Jersey City

Trusty Tails in search of one pet in Hudson County, NJ to crown the Tail of the Year for 2021.  We’re in the final stage of our competition where one Tail has been chosen from each city.  Now, we need your help to decide who will be crowned Hudson County’s Tail of the Year 2021! Voting is from November 8 – November 23rd.  Every vote counts!


Name: Miss Mia Meow

Title:  Tail of Jersey City

How old is your pet?  Miss Mia Meow will be 9 years old in January. 

What breed is your pet?  Calico tortie (she has total “tortitude”)

What are your pet’s special skills?  Miss Mia Meow is really skilled and catching flies, catching toys when you throw them to her and being an alarm clock to her humans. 

May be an image of cat

What is your pet’s favorite food?  She LOVES Milano cookies. No joke, she actually recognizes the bag and goes crazy meowing for them. 

What is your pet’s favorite toy?  These little springs that roll around the floor. The laser is a second runner up. 

Where is your pet’s favorite place to sleep?  Right in between her humans legs. 

What is your pet’s favorite activity?  Running around like a psycho for no reason and escaping to the hallway to run down the stairs. 

Where is your pet’s favorite place to hang out or walk?  Mia loves to hang out in her window chair watching birds and squirrels and at night she watches raccoons on her fire escape!

What is the most mischievous thing your pet has ever done?  Mia has a habit of scratching and ruining her human’s leather purses. So all purses must be hidden.

How did your pet come into your life?  I heard a sweet and sad little meow from outside of my window one day. I looked across the street and there was this teeny, scrawny little kitten meowing so loudly and begging for attention from some people. They pet her and walked anyway so I went outside and picked her up and took her in. This was minutes before I had to go to work. I had no litter box or anything so went and got one (was late for work) and left her at my place with some food and the litter box. I left work early because I felt so bad for leaving her alone.


My plan was to give her to a shelter or find a home for her, because I am so allergic to cats. I grew up with cats and dogs and once I didn’t have any is when I realized how allergic I was. Well, anyway, I fell in love day one with Mia and didn’t care about my allergies. She curled up in a ball on my neck that night and I know I had to keep her. I found Mia when my mom was sick, my mom passed away 6 months after I found Mia. It was a difficult time in my life and Mia helped me mourn. 

What makes your pet the best pet ever?  Mia is a character. She has such a huge personality! She is unbelievably cute and gorgeous and even people who say they hate cats (I know, who hates cats??) are impressed with her beauty and personality. She doesn’t like many people, she loves me and my boyfriend and tolerates people when I have company, but that’s what makes me love her even more. She chooses to love me and my boyfriend. She is loyal and loving in the morning and crazy during the day.  She will smack you as you walk past for her no reason, or she will come lay on your chest and gently paw at your face. I swear we have conversations and she talks back to me when I talk to her, it’s like she understands me! 

May be an image of cat

Why did you decide to enter the Tail of the Year?

I entered Mia in this contest because I am so in love with her! I want others to see her beauty, attitude and amazing personality, even when she’s being mean. She had made me so happy and is my kitty soulmate. I even have her tattooed on me!

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes?  I gave Mia a pep talk that it’s ok if she doesn’t win and I’m proud of her no matter what! (Haha) I sent everyone of my followers on my Instagram the link, I shared it to my Facebook, I shared it through texts and reminded people through my stories. Mia also has her own personal Instagram so j shared it there. People love Mia so were happy to vote for her!

What do you enjoy most about the Tail of the Year so far? I love seeing the other super cute animals! 

What advice would you give to the next tail of your city?  Keep the link alive by constantly sharing it and messaging your friends. Post cute pictures of your animal.

How are you handling your new found fame?  I’m trying not to be a pageant mom but I do give Mia pep talks daily. I totally want her to be instafamous. I am so proud and trying not to stress. Mia is very humble and seems to be playing it cool. She keeps on trying to catch that laser red dot and acts like she doesn’t care if she wins, I think she wants it badly! 

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?  Mis would have the super Power to time travel so she can be with me at all times of my life because she loves me that much.

What does it mean to be the Tail of your city?  I want Mia to be known by everyone! She is so cute and funny and has truly made me so happy the last 8 and a half years she’s been in my life. She makes me smile and laugh everyday. People who know me know how much I love her. They always ask how she is and love to see her pictures and videos in Instagram. I want everyone to be as happy as me when they see her beautiful green eyes and sassy attitude.

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