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We understand how important your pets are to you — they’re family after all! Don’t just take our word for it that we’ll treat them right, check out what some of our clients have to say about us! Whether you have a cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, bird or other animal, rest assured we have the experience and skills for all of your pet care needs.


Trusty Tails is a wonderful dog walking service!  My granddaughter lives in Hoboken and uses them for her sweet dog, Layla.  The dog walkers are fantastic and Layla loves when they come !  I have called them from Chicago to order gift certificates for Layla because I know she loves their visits .  JoJo and Heather couldn’t be more professional and accommodating!  The walkers leave the kindest notes and Layla looks forward to seeing them – and getting a belly rub after her walk:) Thank you for always being there when my granddaughter and Layla need you – even on short notice!  I recommend them Highly!  They are the BEST!!!!

Barb G.

Kind and Responsive

Trusty Tails is so kind and responsive, going out of their way to accommodate my sometimes last minute scheduling requests. The walkers always leave friendly notes to let me know how the visit went, and I know they always get a warm welcome from Quincy when they come by. It’s comforting to know that he’s in such good hands!

Rebecca S.

Highly Recommend

Trusty Tails is an absolute joy. They leave the sweetest and most detail notes about Layla’s walks. They also come through in an emergency. When I was out of town Layla got very sick, they took her to the vet, cleaned up the messes and really made a difficult situation much easier for us. I highly recommend Trusty Tails.

Gracey N.

Organized Scheduling

I honestly cannot say enough great things about Trusty Tails. Our walker is amazing, he leaves detailed notes so we know he’s there, and our dog absolutely loves him. When we see him occasionally on weekends our dog gets beyond excited to run up and see his buddy. The scheduling is really organized, and they are always receptive to changes or additional walks when necessary. We’re so happy to have found them, and so is our happy dog!

Jessica N.

Completely Professional

We have been using Trusty Tails dog walking services since January 2009. The dog walkers are phenomenal and we are completely comfortable leaving Madison in their care each day. Heather runs a completely professional and well-managed business which provides flexible, convenient and caring services. Since day one, we have been 100 percent satisfied with Trusty Tails and absolutely recommend them to anyone needing pet care services!

Barry T.

Wonderful Company

Trusty Tails is a wonderful company. The dog walkers are so great and our dogs, Banana and Nutmeg, look forward to their weekly walks. I know that our walker takes good care of them and I am so appreciative to have a someone come in and check in on them during the day. Thanks so much!

Katie M.

Impeccable Staff

We have used Trusty Tails since our Lola was just 8 weeks old (now almost two years old) and the staff has always been impeccable! Reliable, trustworthy, and super nurturing to our dog! They treat our dog like their very own! We recommend Trusty Tails to anyone with a pet!

Bernadette M.

Warm Loving Care

Trusty Tails is synonymous with warm, loving care. When looking for a dog walking service I was first drawn in by their website and then from my meeting with Heather. She exuded a warm, friendly feeling which made me feel very comfortable having her care for my new puppy. I always refer Trusty Tails to anyone I know! Keep up the great work! Love you guys! And so does Oregano!

Joann C.

Excellent Service

Trusty Tails offers professional, caring, and dependable service. I love the newsy notes emailed to me by the sitter, giving me all the details about each visit. My dog Sophie is very shy, and the sitters have been just great with her. Myrtle the Cat enjoys the visits as well. Trusty Tails is also wonderful about accommodating last-minute requests, and it means a lot to entrust my pets to sitters who really seem to care about them.

Susan C.

Great Walkers

Our walker is so great with Lex. The few times I’ve been home when he’s come by, I can see how excited Lex is to see him and that he takes really good care of him.

Chrissy G.

Reliable and Locally Based

We love Trusty Tails, because they are reliable and locally based. Our pets seem happy, the apartment is kept clean when we come home, so that we don’t have to deal with pet hairs, litter sand, smells after the long trip!

Waka and Tomo I.

Great Puppy Care

My husband and I adopted our puppy, Mia, about 10 months ago with no clue what we were in for. After our first weekend with Mia, we quickly realized that we needed a dog walker during the workweek ASAP, and Trusty Tails came highly recommended. The staff was completely understanding of our situation, scheduled a dog walker to come in the next day, and we have not been disappointed since. The staff members are super friendly and are always able to accommodate our dog walking needs – be it a last minute evening walk or a cancellation. Our dog walker is fantastic and consistently goes above and beyond, making sure that Mia is well taken care of. If anyone asked me for a dog walking service recommendation, I would suggest Trusty Tails in a heartbeat! Thanks for always taking such great care of our puppy!

Mandy S.

Accommodating to Our Needs

We started using Trusty Tails within the first month of getting our Havanese, Phantom, this summer. Being new dog owners, it was much easier to transition back to work knowing Phantom had someone checking on him and playing with him throughout the day. Trusty Tails has always been very accommodating to our needs, scheduling late night walks on weeknights and weekends whenever needed. However, what makes us love Trusty Tails the most is the dog walker himself; we aren’t sure who loves the walks the most, our walker or Phantom! After witnessing our walker interact with Phantom on a few occasions, we know he is always in good hands. Thank you for always taking great care of our little guy!

Julie G. and Dave S.

Reliable, Flexible and Affordable

I have been using Trusty Tails for almost a year and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, flexible, and affordable dog walking service in Hoboken. The dog walkers are friendly and trustworthy, and they take a genuine interest in the well-being of the dogs in their care.


Best Hoboken Dog Walkers

This is the best dog walking company in Hoboken, as I’ve tried them all. I’ve used Trusty Tails for three years and they have the most competitive prices, best dog walkers, and are the most accommodating regarding scheduling the day of walk. More importantly, Reese loves Trusty Tails!

James C.

Extremely Friendly Walkers and Staff

Trusty Tails is an amazing pet walking service. The walkers and the staff are extremely friendly, trustworthy and responsible, and they always handle last minute requests with ease. We completely trust Trusty Tails, and our walker with our dog Desmond. He just loves our walker and gets so excited when he comes to visit! I would recommend Trusty Tails to anyone in the neighborhood looking for a reliable pet walking service!

Lindsey S.

Strongly Recommend to Anyone

In the 1.5 years since getting our puppy Zoey, we can confidently say that we wouldn’t have made it this long without Trusty Tails! Their rock solid reliability and personal caring for our dog has made them a great partner for us. On top of regularly scheduled visits, they have frequently risen to the occasion and helped us during unexpected late days, weekends and even when we’ve been sick. We strongly recommend them to anyone!

Jon and Thea Z.

Excellent Sitters at Trusty Tails

Thanks to the excellent sitters at Trusty Tails, my dog is glad to see me when I come home from vacation or a business trip, but she is relaxed and happy. I can tell she has been well cared for while I’m away, and is in good spirits when I return, even after long trips. The sitters leave detailed notes so I can see any trends over the course of the visits. They are helpful, kind and observant, and completely reliable. Besides walking and taking care of my dog, they’ve also helped me from time to time when things came up while I was away, for example a severe storm blew into town while I was away one time, and I asked the sitter to move a glass lantern from my balcony so it wouldn’t get broken in the high winds; they were happy to help. My dog is 12 years old, small and has had some health issues from time to time, so it’s hard to trust leaving her with anyone, but I have total confidence in Trusty Tails and their excellent sitters. The owner, Heather, is also very responsive, proactive, and lives locally.

Niamh O.

Very Happy with Their Service

We have used Trusty Tails for our dog walks since our French Bulldog Daisy was a puppy – it has been over a year since we brought Daisy home, and we could not be happier with Trusty Tails. Daisy literally waits by the door for her walker to arrive each day and she is always thrilled to see him. He is incredibly thoughtful about his care for Daisy, and has done a great job helping her progress in her walking skills since French Bulldogs can often have a difficult time learning/motivating to walk. Several of our neighbors have asked about what dog walking company we use specifically because they have witnessed the care that our walker takes with Daisy on her walks. The company also does a fantastic job making the services as seamless and easy to set up as possible – and as a new mom, I appreciate that they will send me reminders about upcoming holidays where a walk may not be needed. We could not be happier with their service!

Emily J.

Flexible and Very Organized

Trusty Tails has been wonderful to our Welsh Terrier puppy, Kate Woofington. It is so reassuring to know that Woof (as we call her) is in such great hands while we are at work. Our puppy is essentially growing up with our Trusty Tails walker. It’s fun to hear about her daily walks and what has gone on while we are away! They are flexible and very organized about our schedule – thank you Trusty Tails for taking such great care of our Woof!

Sarah B.

Reliable and Very Caring

We have been using Trusty Tails for a year now and have always been pleased with their service. We are especially pleased with the flexibility they offer. If we need to cancel a walk, we simply email the night before. The walkers are always reliable and very caring. We have used their overnight service as well. It is comforting to know that our dog gets to stay at our apartment with someone they are comfortable with. I would recommend Trusty Tails to anyone looking for dog walking services.

Kerri A.

Puppies Grew Up With Trusty Tails

Both my now 2 year old Welsh Terrier and my 6 month old Brittany literally grew up with Will from Trusty Tails. Working long hours, my husband and I relied on our loyal and energetic dog walker to care for our pups (even during the often painful puppy stages!) I always felt at ease knowing that the dogs were well cared for. People in my building who were home during the day would often tell me that they saw my dogs all over town being walked or at the park having fun.


Best Dog Walkers in Hoboken

I would highly recommend Trusty Tails to anyone who is looking for a dog walker or for someone to stay with your dog overnight! Our two dogs have been walked and had overnights with trusty tails walkers for 1-1/2 years and we couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received. The GPS tracking is also a great bonus.


Felt Safe Leaving Our Cats

We were very happy with the our sitters. They were great and we felt safe leaving our cats to their care while we were away.

Carolyn N.

I Love Trusty Tails

I love Trusty Tails! Our sitter is so great with Zorro, taking the time to play with him and give him attention while I’m away. And she always sends at least one photo of him so I can see him every day! So reliable and awesome, I’d recommend Trusty Tails to anyone who loves their pet.

Lynn N.

Fantastic Care

Trusty Tails has been taking fantastic care of Freddie, our dog, and Timothy and Zorro, our two cats, for many years now. When I work from home, I get to see first-hand the excitement and 100 miles per hour tail wags Freddie has for his walker. He loves his pack, and most of all his chocolate Chihuahua girlfriend Godiva! When we go away on vacation we are so happy to have one of Trusty Tails house sitters come and take care of all of our “furry kids.” It makes us relax to know that they are in good hands. On occasion when Freddie goes with us, we know that the cats are safe and cared for with their twice daily visits for food and litter cleaning. We recommend Trusty Tails to everyone we know.

Cecilia K.

Caring and Responsible

We have been with Trusty Tails for over two years now and it is safe to say we love the services that are provided for our dogs. We have had the opportunity to have daily walks and overnight stays as needed. We do not have to worry about our dogs while we are away because we know they are in great hands. Our dogs can be rather difficult at times, however our dog walker knows exactly how to handle them. Our dogs absolutely love our walker! As a courtesy, our walker has left daily notes updating us about the walk and if the dogs received any additional care. We very much appreciate the extra effort and support!

Nicole and Dean O.

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