Why Did My Cat Stop Using His Litter Box?

There is nothing more frustrating then coming home from a long day of work to find that your beloved kitten has had an accident on the couch and has stopped using his litter box. But why, you ask, is your very intelligent and trained cat doing this now?

1.) A Dirty Litter Box

Cats are very clean and tidy creatures and they expect their little boxes to be no different. For best results, try scooping the litter once in the morning and once at night before bedtime.

2.) Not Enough Litter Boxes

Most cats are not huge fans of doing their “1s and 2s” in the same litter box, so provide your cat with more than one litter box. A common rule to go by, especially for a multiple cat home, is 2 litter boxes per cat.

3.) Too Small, Too Big, Just Right

As a cat owner you know that each feline companion has their own personality and quirks about them, and for some cats one of those quirks is that they very particular about the size of the litter box they use. As an experiment, provide your cat with two different sized litter boxes. When your kitten goes to the potty, he will most likely choose the one he prefers the most to do his business in.

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4.) Not Fixed

Cats become sexually mature at the ages of six to seven months. At this time, they start to mark their territory by leaving their scent on things they see as theirs. Having your cat spayed or neutered at the earliest time possible will solve your marking problem.

5.) Fear

If you have a multiple cat home your cat may be missing the box due to fear. Some cats are unwilling to go to the litter box in fear of being pounced or attacked, so try isolating the frightened fellow in a room with access to litter boxes two to three times a day for thirty or so minute, just enough time to do his business.

6.) Medical Problem

If the accidents persist after you have improved your cat’s potty time, talk to your vet. It is possible your cat is having accidents due to an unseen medical problem.

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