5 Best Beach Reads for Dog Lovers

Summer is well under way and we hope you have the luxury of spending some weekends (or longer) soaking  up the sun’s rays on a sandy beach somewhere. Pure, relaxation and bliss! Ahhh. Well -If so, you’re probably like us –always looking for a few great beach reads. If you’re looking to add to your beach read tool kit, keep reading. We found some really good ones that are all about your favorite thing – your pets!

Here are 5 Best Beach Reads for Dog Lovers to Enjoy!

1. “Travels with Casey ” by Benoit Denizet-Lewis

This book will engage dog lovers of all kinds. This book has it all memoir, adventure, travel, humor and much more. The author , Benoit Denizet-Lewis takes a cross country trip in a motor home with his dog, Casey. Along his adventures he explores the human – dog relationship and what that relationship tells us humans about ourselves and our values. This 13,00 mile journey is filled with love and comedy as it showcases the amazing bond man has to his best friend.

2. “A Letter to My Dog: Moving Stories and Tender Notes” created by Kimi Culp, Robin Layton and Lisa Erspamer

This book is compilation of amazing tributes in the form of letters written by pet parents to their beloved dogs. Here’s another book that highlights the powerful bond that humans have to their dogs and just how important our canines are to us! This compilation from every day citizens and celebrities alike with leave you laughing and crying. You might want to bring a couple of tissues.

3. 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge and Bond with Your Dog” by Kyra Sundance

If you’re looking to strengthen the bond with your dog and have a little fun then you should pick  it up.  This book has a trick for every dog. The easy to use instructions include pictures and each trick is labeled according to skill level so you don’t attempt something that your dog may not be ready to learn yet. The author, Kyra Sundance is a stunt dog show performer and celebrity dog trainer so we tend to think she knows what she’s talking about!

4. “I Could Chew on This: and Other Poems by Dogs” by Francesco Marciuliano

If a dose of laughter is what you’re after (hey, that rhymes!) then this is a great read. This is a hilarious book of poems written from the direct perspective of the dog. These poems will no doubt keep you smiling all the way through….and the photographs are completely adorable. Francesco Marciuliano will lift your spirits and leave you thinking about what might be on your dog’s mind.

5.  “The Dogs of Christmas” by W. Bruce Cameron

If you loved “A Dog’s Purpose” then you might be up for some Christmas in July with “The Dogs of Christmas” by W. Bruce Cameron. The main character, Josh, is suffering from a broken heart when his neighbor leaves a very pregnant dog, Lucy, at his door step. This heartwarming Christmas tale explores the themes of love and trust while bringing to light the plight of shelter dogs and all dogs in need. Will Lucy’s soon to be litter of puppies change Josh’s life forever?

What are your favorite doggie beach reads? Here are some great NJ beaches to take your dog!