Overnight Pet Care In-Your-Home in Hoboken

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Make your dog happy while you’re away.

Dedicated overnight pet care professionals at your service in YOUR home.

We know what makes a dog happy. Dogs love belly rubs and butt scratches, treats, their own toys and bed, their daily walks and exercise and they especially love a predictable and consistent routine.

Allowing your dog to stay in her home while you are away on vacation will ensure happiness and reduce the stress of getting used to a new environment. Their routine, after all, is what they love

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Trusty Tails offers two alternatives to boarding your dog at a kennel.

Overnight Pet Sitting In-Your-Home

  • Sleepovers are from approximately 8 pm – 8 am.
  • Evening, late-night, and morning dog walk.
  • Feeding meals, snacks, treats
  • Brushing, cuddling, and just hanging out with a loving pet sitter.
  • Your pet can maintain its daily routine.

Almost Overnight Pet Sitting In-Your-Home

  • We can provide your dog with an extended evening visit to your home and return the next morning for another visit.
  • Combine a 2-Hour Evening Pet Sit and a 2-Hour Morning Pet Sit the next day.
  • Keep their normal routine.
  • Dinner and breakfast served.
  • Feeding meal
  • Evening and morning dog walks.
  • Lots of affection from a loving pet sitter.
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People Who Hire Trusty Tails Pet Sitters for the Overnight or the Almost Overnight Pet Sitting:

  • Feel uncomfortable about boarding a pet at a kennel.
  • Want personalized professional care just for their pet.
  • Don’t want to ask and burden friends and family to care for their pet.
  • Have pets with special needs or don’t have proper shots for boarding.
  • Don’t want someone sleeping in their home so they choose the Almost Overnight.
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Treat your pets to the comfort of their own home.

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