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We Believe in Cat Happiness.

What is cat happiness?

Cat happiness is when your cat experiences no stress while you are away.  Your cat needs to receive mental and physical stimulation,  as well as their routine, as well as food to a clean litter box, while you are away.  We get that your cat is your fur baby. We are here to minimize both you and your cat’s stress by offering the best care possible.

What makes a cat happy?

We understand what makes a cat happy.  Cats require routine and consistency in their daily life.  Our personalized cat services allow you to tell us what makes your cat happy. After all, you know your cat best.  You tell us what makes your cat happy and we we can run through the routine ensuring your cat gets exactly what they require.

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Our Cat Happiness Team

Because we believe in cat happiness, we have a team of trusted cat sitters dedicated to your cat.  All of our professional cat sitters go through a rigorous screening process and are specially trained to care for your cat and make them as happy as possible.  

With our Cat Happiness team, we always have a backup cat sitter in case of emergency; meaning your cat is never left without professional care.  Sign up and meet one of our our Cat Happiness Cat Sitters Today. We’d love to come and meet you.

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Our Cat Visits Include

Trusty Tails’ offers professional cat sitting services are filled with love and play so you can enjoy your time away. We’re all about making your life easier and your cat’s life happier.

  • Customized Care — Care is tailored to suit your cat’s needs and maintain their routine.
  • Less Stress —Minimizing stress by providing emotional and physical care
  • Routine — Ensure feeding and exercise routines go uninterrupted
  • Companionship — Playtime, brushing, lots and pets and just hanging out.
  • Feeding — We will feed your cat with their meals as part of their routine/schedule.  
  • Clean Bowls — No cat wants a dirty water or food dish.
  • Exercise — We will make sure your puppy gets a bit of exercise during the day including walks, playing with toys, and fetch.
  • Litter Box Cleaning — Your cat deserves a clean box while you’re away
  • Journal Note Upon completion of each cat visit, we’ll email you the happenings from our visit.
  • Photos — Lots of great photos of your feline friend happy during our visit.
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Happy Cat Litter Box Cleaning Service

Tired of cleaning out the litter box? Trusty Tails Pet Care is here to help.

Our Litter Care Service is perfect for:

  • Women who are pregnant and concerned with contracting taxoplasomis
  • People work a lot of hours or have a busy schedule and need on less thing to worry about
  • People who have a family or run a business and don’t have time
  • Someone who has an injury that prevents them from being able to clean the box properly
  • Maybe just plain sick of scooping the poop.

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No need to stress over your least favorite chore. We are ready and willing to step up to the task.  

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What Our Customers Are Saying
About Our Cat Sitters

“My furry buddy LOVES Trusty Tails!  He is a kitty with anxiety issues and is shy around new people. He has loved everyone at Trusty Tails! Besides Mickey loving them, as a pet owner I do too! They are extremely reliable and have wonderful communication. It eases my anxiety when I’m away. I don’t need to worry about him. I love the journal entries each visit! It helps me to know how my little buddy is doing while I’m away. We have been clients since I adopted in December 2020. I would absolutely recommend to any pet owner! It is worth every cent.”

Whitney A.

“I recently used trusty tails for cat sitting services for an extended vacation. I was very satisfied with the communication, service, and overall care for my pets. It was so comforting to wake up to the visit updates when overseas and know my kitties were safe at home! I’d recommend them to anyone seeking professional pet sitting services.”

Kat F.

“We have been delighted with the way that Trusty Tails has looked after our 2 cats, Gonzo and Millie, and have been so grateful to Anne when she has visited. Millie has suffered from some skin problems and Anne was very kind and provided some helpful suggestions. (We are happy to report that Millie is much better now…having been diagnosed and treated for hyperthyroidism). Keep up the excellent work!”

Kate & John

“I couldn’t recommend them more! Our sitter came in and looked after our cat, Cleo, when we were out of town for Christmas. He gave her new food, cleaned out her litter box and attempted to check on her (she hid, of course). He kept us up to date via text to let us know when he was there and how Cleo was doing. We won’t hesitate to use them again.”

Janie Worden
five stars

Give your cat the happiness they deserve!

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