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5 Minute Do-It-Yourself Dog Collar

Sometimes us dog moms (or dads) have an itching to release our inner creative sides. Now presenting, literally the easiest dog collar you will ever make. For something that requires virtually no skill whatsoever to make, these collars turn out surprisingly cuter than anything that can be bought at the pet store. Dress it up, dress it down. Either way, this collar will have your pet looking chic as could be. So simple, you can make one for every occasion and they cost next to nothing to create. Whether you’re a seasoned Do-It-Yourself-er or are brand new to the scene, this DIY Dog Collar is a must-do. A simple yet adorable design, the end product will have you feeling like a natural Dogatella Versace.


Step 1: Gather Materials


You will need:

  • Old button down shirt (sizes vary):  Children’s shirts typically work best for most small, medium, and large breed dogs. I used a boy’s large for my 40 pound dog, but this can vary depending on fabric and manufacturer of the clothing. For larger and giant breed dogs, adult sizes may be better depending on the girth of your dog’s neck. Use common sense here; find a shirt with a neckline equivalent to the size of your dog’s neck.
  • Scissors
  • Dog (or cat, bunny, lizard, etc., Owner’s choice)

Step 2: Cut


Cut along the neckline of the shirt. Cut below the seam so the fabric cannot unravel. Be sure to leave the top button attached. This is how you will be able to secure and remove the collar from your dog’s neck.

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Step 3: Button


This part should be pretty self-explanatory…Don’t exert yourself too much here.

Step 4: Awwwww!  Take Photos!


Ta-daa! Have fun!

That’s it–the world’s easiest dog collar. Now comes the fashion shoot, because how could you not have this masterpiece captured on film? This, of course, is the part where you subject your pup to a full photo shoot, exploit him/her on the internet, or whatever it is that us dog owners do.

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Sharing Is Caring!