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Best Jersey City Pet Rescues:  Liberty Humane Society

Countless animal shelters are not the same; for instance, fortunate homeless animals end up in open-admission shelters provided with love and utmost care by professionals while other homeless animals are brutally turned away when they need help the most.

Best Jersey City Pet Rescues- Liberty Humane Society

Here we are taking a look at the Best Pet Rescues in Jersey City.  Thankfully, Liberty Humane Society, Jersey City’s most renowned pet rescue, serves to be one of the best animal shelters in Hudson County. This animal shelter rescues abandoned, abused, and/or injured animals in the community in which they then rehabilitate/vaccinate them.  Moreover, at this pet rescue, the staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that the fragile animals one day go home to a loving family! Read on to learn more in our article Best Jersey City Pet Rescues – Liberty Humane Society:

How To Get In Touch With Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City?

Liberty Humane Society (LHS)

Address: 235 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Phone: (201) 547-4147


Perks For the Animals of Liberty Humane Society:

  • Frightened animals are reassured
  • Sick/injured animals receive proper treatment
  • Animals’ living shelters are kept dry and clean
  • Staff are welcoming and extremely caring

Liberty Humane Society’s Services:

A.) Adoption:

Adopting a local pet at Liberty Humane Society enables the staff/volunteers to help community animals to ensure that every pet will one day go home to an adoring adoptive family. Most of the time, this facility shelters cats and dogs (and sometimes small animals) for adoption. There are only three steps in adopting at this rescue which is why this animal shelter is PAWfect!

Steps to Adopting a Pet from Liberty Humane Society:

  1. Browse the pets up for adoption either online or in person
  2. If you see a pet you’d like to adopt, simply submit an online/in-person application
  3. Visit the animal and speak to an adoption counselor.
  4. If you application is approved, you’re welcome to take your new furry friend home the same day.

* Open for adoptions from Tuesday- Friday from 2-7PM and Saturday-Sunday from 11AM-4PM *

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B.) Pet Surrender:

Liberty Humane Society understands that life can get hard which is why you may have to surrender your furry little friend. Though it is always recommended that you contact friends, relatives, and/or acquaintances first to re-home your pet to a more stable home, Liberty Humane Society welcomes animals from Hudson County (primarily Jersey City, Bayonne, and Hoboken) into its adoption program if there is enough space (though there is a long wait).

C.) Low-Cost Animal Wellness:

This pet rescue offers low-cost pet health services to the community on Wednesdays from 4PM-6PM to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy! Ranging from $20-$45, health services include vaccinations, tick treatments, micro-chipping, etc! If you’re looking to volunteer in a welcoming and loving animal shelter, Liberty Humane Society is the way to go! This animal shelter is always looking for friendly and dedicated volunteers to help out. Visit their website to find out more ways you can get involved!

Hope you have found our information on Liberty Humane Society helpful.  If you decide to adopt an animal and need a dog walker or pet sitter or want some help deciding if your home is the right one for a pet, feel free to give us a ring.  We can be reached at 201.446.1559 or contact us through our website.

Sharing Is Caring!