Can I Have A Dog Mom? Five Reasons To Get A Family Dog

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Your kids have been pestering you for a dog for some time, but you’re not convinced. Despite everyone’s promises to do their bit, you suspect you’ll be the one to do the walking and the cleaning. And how well do dogs get on with kids?

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There are many things to consider when introducing a dog into your home. Unlike cats who are pretty independent, dogs need a log of care and attention. This may seem daunting at first, but there is lots of information out there, and sites like Topdogtips can help you navigate this.

Dogs need to be walked at least twice a day, and they need human contact. There’s also the added expense to think of as dogs come with a list of requirements. If you think you can cope with all of this but you’re still not convinced, read on.

1. Dogs Help You To Exercise

There’s no doubt about it, if you have a dog, you’re going to get more exercise. Depending on the breed, most dogs need to be walked at least twice a day. This includes weekdays, weekends, holidays and days with non-stop rain. Whatever the weather, your dog will need to be walked. The thing about dog walking is that you get used to it very quickly and it becomes fun. It’s a great way to get all the family involved, especially at the weekends. Dogs love exploring and running along an empty beach or forest path. And it’s a win-win situation as everyone gets some fresh air and exercise.

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2. They Are Always Happy To See You

If you’ve had a bad day at work and come home to a dark empty house, your dog will be delighted to see you. You’ll be greeted at the door with a round of barks and licks. It’s a great feeling to be welcomed home with such enthusiasm and your bad day will become a little bit better.

3. They Teach Kids About Responsibility

Dogs teach kids about responsibility. They teach them how to take care of others, even if they prefer to be playing on the Playstation. You’ll find that, in the early days, everyone will be clambering to look after the pup or dog. But just as you expected, this is likely to wane. Make sure that everyone contributes and fulfils their promises. This is a valuable teaching point.

4. Dogs Help Kids Read

No that isn’t a typo. Schemes across the U.S. are helping kids improve their reading skills, and their tutors are dogs. Kids, who are naturally shy, feel more confident reading aloud to dogs. Research has shown increases in reading levels as a result. So having your own four-legged tutor in the house is likely to help your kids if they need a boost in this area.

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5. Dogs Help Reduce Allergies

Kids with dogs are less likely to develop allergies and asthma. In fact, research has shown that kids growing up around dogs are up to 50 percent less likely to develop allergies and asthma than those who grow up without them.

If you feel that you could offer a good home to a dog, you should definitely consider it. Do your research and look into the various breeds to find the best fit. You’ll find that before long, you can’t imagine life without them.

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