Do Siamese Mix Cat Breeds Make Good Pets?

For a long time now, cats have been man’s favorite pet. Whether you are keeping a cat as a feline friend to your kids or a companion for your family, a cat will always make a good bet. However, there is a tussle between the dog and the cat, making the best pet to keep at home. Today’s post focuses on a cat breed that balances the best features in both the dog and the cat, the Siamese mix cat! But are the Siamese mix cats good pets? 

What are Siamese Mix Cats? 

The Siamese mix cat is a rare and unique cat breed that has been in existence for over 10 centuries. It was first bred in Thailand and was used as a guardian of the temple for their sacred nature. The Siamese cat was also offered as an exotic gift to the royalty. Over time, their popularity grew so immensely that many people are now dreaming of owning a Siamese cat. 

There are a lot of striking features that make the Siamese cat any person’s favorite. Their elegance, enchanting look, and their elegance all work together in favor of this cat breed. However, if you are looking for a perfect Siamese mix cat breed, it is crucial to note that the Siamese has a more dominant gene structure. They are highly intelligent, demanding, and are not the type you can ignore. They hate being ignored and will get bored quite easily, thus turning destructive around the house. 

What type of personality does a Siamese Mix Cat have? 

As mentioned earlier, when you have a Siamese Mix Cat, it’s trait will be much inclined towards that of the Siamese parent breed. Besides all the negative characteristics of Siamese mix cats, they have a formidable personality trait. Here are some of their evident characteristics;

  • They are active and intelligent. 

When comparing other cat breeds to a Siamese mix cat breed, you will notice they are intelligent and strong-willed. They will go for what they set their eyes upon, besides the obstacles or consequences involved. While other cats are easygoing and will sleep a lot, the Siamese Mix Cat breeds are more like owning pet dogs. 

  • Siamese mix cat breeds are vocal and demanding. 

If you buy or adopt a Siamese mix cat, you should expect them to follow you wherever you go, and they will need to share with you everything. They hate being left alone and get bored quickly. However, if you love pets, especially dogs and cats, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

  • They are difficult to train. 

It is striking that most intelligent pets are stubborn and will not follow instructions without finding their way out of it. The same is also true for a Siamese Mix Cat breed. They ignore unpleasant experiences, which make it difficult to stop them from errant behavior. 

  • They won’t get along well with other pets. 

Even though they love the company, a Siamese will find it challenging to get on with other pets first. When you bring her home, make sure to get her accessories apart for a couple of days. Gradually introduce the pets until they get used to each other’s scent. Importantly, you will need to teach your children how to handle the kitty. 

Besides all, Siamese Mix Cat breeds crave company and will make good companions with other pets and children around the house. 

Siamese Mix Tabby Temperaments. 

When you are wondering about the personality of a Siamese Mix Tabby Cat breed, it is crucial to understand that they are friendly and social. If you are all alone in the house, then you have a companion to binge a movie with snuggling in your lap. Their distinctive meows make them have an eager opinion that they prefer to share, and they will always have the last word in a conversation. 

Their athletic body demands more interactive plays and games to avoid boredom. Their intelligence leads them to do amazing activities that not any other cat breed would. They will use their paws to switch on a TV, open doors, twist faucets, and much more. If you are available and have plenty of time to spare with your pet, think about an interaction or attention to your Siamese Tabby Mix. 

Can you let a Siamese Mix Cat outside? 

If you live cats as pets, you know there is no problem with letting your Siamese Tabby mix cat outside. This will provide an ample time for them to exercise and hop around. It will also enhance their athletic ability and help them release all the pent up energy. However, you should be careful if it’s the first time you let him/her outdoors. 

Cats have always have had a good sense of direction. Even if they walk away from home, they will often find their way back. 

How much does a Siamese Mix Cat cost? 

Before you get into all the frenzy with this rather special cat breed, get to know how much it costs to own one. There are a variety of aspects that will influence the price of a Siamese mix cat, but the cheaper option is adopting one from a rescue center. This could range from $60 USD to a relative maximum. However, before you can cash in to have your cat, ensure you have a budget for their toys, food, bedding, and much more. Most importantly, remember a Siamese Tabby mix is more demanding than any other non-pedigree cat breed. 

The second option is buying your Siamese Mix Cat from a reliable breeder. Be sure to do your research and avoid buying from a backyard breeder. You may ask your vet for a referral and recommendation. If you choose this direction, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 – $500 USD.  All that matters is if the cat is purebred or a mixed breed.