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Dog Friendly Restaurants in Hudson County, NJ

A day in our life here in Hudson County can often run and overflow the gamut of activity. Leaving little or no time for you, poochie and a brewskie. Thanks to these well thought out establishments, a few of your favorite activities can be enjoyed all in one pop. Here’s the second edition of dog friendly restaurants in Hudson County, NJ where bringing your furry companion is welcome and encouraged!!

Urban coal house hoboken

Matt & Meera at 618 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ

East meets West meets Hoboken! The eats REALLY get unique and interesting at this cosmopolitan tandoori grill and continental american oven, serving up a dynamic menu of stateside classics and mediterranean tapas and small plates. The cafe offers seasonal favorites reinvented and reimagined with flavors and ingredients from around the world, headed by Executive Chef Hari Nayak. Noteable menu items include: Naanchos, a bowl of crispy naan chips with melted masala, cheese, chutney, and herbs; Grilled Mushroom and Mint Pizza with portabello, red pepper, mint pesto and homemade mozzarella;  and Chili Paneer Relleno, of fresh, house made cheese, queso, poblano peppers and rice. Your pup is welcome seven days a week to the outdoor patio, and water dishes are provided year round. Dog Treats are available, from both supermarket brands and local, homemade bakers.

Honeygrow at 120 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ


Born in Philadelphia and bringing wise people together over wholesome foods since 2012, this made-to-order eatery arrived to large hungry crowds Spring of 2015 in Hoboken. The concept is choosing quality ingredients and having them cooked over high heat for an incredibly delicious and nourishing meal. Both a suggested menu and a create your own are provided; or modify with custom, homemade noodles, rice or lettuce, local vegetables, seasonings and proteins. Top off your stir-fry or salad with signature housemade sauces like Red Coconut Curry, Philly Roast Pork, and Chesapeake Crab or Caravan and Walnut Street Noodle vinagrettes, all prepared fresh daily! If sitting down is not in the cards, grab a fresh-fruit garnished, chocolate chip, honey-kissed smoothie from the Honeybar. Pups are welcome seven days a week to the outdoor patio, with water dishes provided year round, when weather permits. Also, Honey Dog Treats and Organic Chicken Chunks are available from the local and regional farmers.

Urban Coal House at 116 Fourteenth Street, Hoboken, NJ

Urban Coal House Hoboken

This pizzeria plus is brought to you by folks that know how it’s done on winning the tap, grub and hang out trifecta. Proving themselves already in Brick, Red Bank and Paramus, this 4th installment and location offers an attractive selection of craft beers and European Neapolitan 900 degree pizzas in a cozy family and pet scene. Summertime is happy hour all day long for neighborhood pups if they can find a spot at the outside Dog Bar, serving up cool H2O, ice balls and milky bone treats, of both supermarkets and homemade varieties from the nearby 14th Street farmers market.

Bareburger at the Promenade, Edgewater, NJ

Love, Peace, & Harmony flow endlessly at this keep it simple organic burger, fried pickles, shakes, beers, and dog friendly joint. On the popular Promenade on the waterfront near the border of Hudson and Bergen Counties, the staff are plentiful and there’s enough smiles to go around for all humans and all furries. There’s pride in the mission and it’s a good one, Sustainable food should fill restaurants and Pronounceable Foods from USA farmers. Ingredients are sourced both close to home, and where they are found best; Wisconsin cheese, Montana bison, and Texas elk can be found in these delicious options … Buckaroo Burger, Southern Cavier Burger, and the Grindhouse Burger. While you’re teeth are sinking into these, pooch can get down on Savvy Beast healthy treats, local homemade specialties and bowls & bowls of water.

Trusty Tais Pet Care

Wonder Bagels at 517 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

The rounder of this edition is a decades old breakfast and lunch spot only, that is friendly and downright loving to both dogs and cats. In fact, one darn lucky gray feline gets full rights to the 24 / 7 residing agreement to the store, and crown name of “The Wonder Bagel Cat.” The portions are large, large enough for your athletic type, line backer baby brother visiting for the weekend, after a long night of libations to be full and satisfied; and they’re traditionally delicious enough you won’t want to share, rather requesting a take out bag to nosh on ‘er later. Ladies are quick to point out how nice this feature is on the budget! Whether you’re a plain on plain Jane, a sweet & healthy Cinnamon Raisin or radical adventurous sky diving Everything eater, Wonder doesn’t disappoint, and it doesn’t forget about our four legged pumpkins.
That’s the state of the grub & tail republic for now … Stay tuned for the third edition of furry friendly locales!

9th & Coles Tavern, Jersey City, NJ

9th & Coles Tavern

An actual Mom Mary & Pop Ed serve a menu of fun grub, twisting old classics in modern cuisinart. Depending on the time of day, you may initially pull in for the expected eggs, mimosas, wings, burgers, and ales. But after a glance and digestion of the menu inventions, you’ll leave still talking about the cajun lime fresh butter popcorn, chicken funnel cake, 3 cheese mac and crispy chicken sando! As one might expect, with the oozing of fun, no stress vibes and ease of life in the air (and ’round your waistline), your pooch is more than welcome to this good ole’ one. Come one, come all, is loud and clear year round. Not only will pup get offered a thirst quencher of water and spoon of ice cream, but classic milk bones, the same proteins from the kitchen and a seat at the table if desired.

That’s the state of the grub & tail republic for now … Stay tuned for the third edition of furry friendly locales!

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