Five Easy Ways to Keep Your Puppy Safe at Home

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If you’ve just gotten a new puppy, you’re probably head over heels in love with your pooch already! Puppies are little balls of energy that love exploring their surroundings and seeking out new experiences, which is why they are so much fun to have around. However, their natural curiosity and lust for life is also the very thing that can get puppies (and dogs of all ages for that matter) into trouble.

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Unfortunately, the home can be a dangerous place for puppies, which is why you need to take steps to ensure that they are safe, especially when you are not around to mind them. If you want to keep your puppy out of trouble, you need to puppy-proof your home in much the same way you would for a little child. Here’s how:

Invest in an Indestructible Dog Crate

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Dog crates provide your puppy with a safe space to stay when they are sleeping or when you are out of the house, which makes them an invaluable tool in training and caring for your dog. However, many dog crates are poorly made, which means that some puppies can chew bits off them, which is obviously a choking hazard, or even break out of them, which could present any number of dangers. That is why you should purchase an indestructible dog crate, which will stand up to even the most persistent puppy’s efforts.

Check Your Plants

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Many common plants are toxic and potentially poisonous to your puppy, so you should immediately check what plants you have in your home and garden to find out if they pose a risk to your dog.

Plants that are hazardous to canines include Cala lily, azalea, and Holly, but there are many more, so do your homework.

Keep Medications Out of Reach

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Whether your dog is a young pup or an older chap, you will need to take efforts to ensure that drugs, human or pet, is always kept out of reach. It is not enough to simply leave them on a table or counter, because many dogs are ingenious at reaching these surfaces, and many can chew through a medication bottle in no time at all. So, if possible, you should keep medication locked up in a cabinet at all times. This also counts for razors, knives, cleaning supplies, etc.


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Never leave trash in an area where your dog has access. Garbage has an irresistible aroma for the average dog, and they will rip into your trash cans in no time given a chance. This could lead to them ingesting all sorts of things they should not eat and a hefty vet’s bill for you to pay.


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Sinks and bathtubs filled with water, along with filled buckets and open toilet bowls are all possible puppy drowning hazards, as are the chemicals you use to clean your toilet, so be sure to keep the toilet lid down at all times, and make sure your puppy can’t access baths and sinks if they are full.

Although this post covers the basics of dog safety, there are many more things, including common health problems, you must watch out for, so if you haven’t already, ask your vet for advice, or purchase a good puppy care book to top up your knowledge.

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