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Five Reasons Why Your Puppy Is Like Your Baby

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The saying a dog is man’s best friend isn’t wrong, but it’s also not that accurate either. When you have a dog, you can feel great affection for it. But as a friend? Not so much. You might disagree, but when you have a dog, it definitely doesn’t feel like just a friend – more like a family member.

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The second you get a puppy, whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or not, it becomes your baby. As your puppy blossoms into an adult dog, you still often look at it as if it’s one of your own. Yes your dog makes for a great companion, but their presence is so much more than that of a friend. Wouldn’t you agree?

You Feed Him

There is every chance that you feed your friends too, but your puppy completely relies on you to be fed, just like your baby does. And not only that, but you want to help your puppy grow into a strong, healthy adult dog, so you often put a lot of time and attention into what it is you’re feeding them, just like you could you baby. If you’re a new puppy owner, you should aim to read more about feeding requirements for different breeds to help you out here.

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You Clean Up After Her

When you have a puppy or an adult dog, you’re it’s main caregiver. You wash it, chase around after it and pick up its poop! Just like you do with your baby (if you just switch that last one to changing diapers). When you’re that involved with something, it’s hard not to see it as your child. A dog might need you to do these things for it, but you don’t mind. You want to care for it, just like you do your offspring.

You Train Him

Now, you might not train your baby in the same way that you train your body, but in short, you do educate them both. When you have a baby, you educate them. Whether that’s teaching them how to walk or talk, or their ABC’s. And when you have a puppy, you educate it too. But, you tend to train it more, using commands, or showing it how to pee outside and not on your favorite rug! Either way, there are clear similarities between your fluffy baby and your actual baby.

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You Love Her Unconditionally

There’s no denying that you love your children unconditionally, it’s not something that you can change or decide upon. You just do. When you have a dog, it can be the same. The love you feel for your child is irreplaceable and incomparable for sure, but when you have a dog, you can often love it just as much.

You Can’t Imagine Life Without Him

You’d never want to live without your child; that’s never an option. But at some point in life, they will flee the nest. You might not be able to even imagine that yet, and it’s the same with your puppy. As soon as this small creature joins your family, you never want it to leave. You just want to keep it happy and healthy. It can often feel like your first or last child, or even your only one! Your dog will always have a place in your family, regardless of how old they get. It might feel like your best friend, but it’s definitely your baby too.

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