Litter Box Cleaning Service

Need helping cleaning the litter box? Reduce your stress while making your cat happy!
Scoop/Replace Litter, Sanitize Monthly. We’re here at at your service.

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Happy Cat Litter Box Cleaning Service

At Trusty Tails, we know and understand that cats require and love clean litter box. Half the time, the cat is in the box of fresh litter before scratching and digging around before we’ve even finished putting the lid back on the box.

Let’s face it though, cleaning the box is just one more thing you have to do, but it’s incredibly important to a cat. Tired of cleaning out the litter box? Trusty Tails Pet Care is here to help.

Our Litter Care Service is perfect for:

  • Women who are pregnant and concerned with contracting taxoplasomis
  • People work a lot of hours or have a busy schedule and need on less thing to worry about
  • People who have a family or run a business and don’t have time.
  • Someone who has an injury that prevents them from being able to clean the box properly
  • Maybe just plain sick of scooping the poop.

No need to stress over your least favorite chore. We are ready and willing to step up to the task.


What does Happy Cat Litter Care Include?

  • Sanitize Monthly
  • Scoop/Replace Litter
  • Schedule service dates based on what works for you. For example, scoop litter Mondays and change replace litter on Thursdays

How Much Does Happy Cat Litter Care Cost?

  • 1-3 cats (rabbits too!)
  • Requires minimum of three cleanings per week on a recurring weekly schedule.
  • Have a large cat family? Lots of litter boxes? Don’t worry! Ask us about our deluxe visits.