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How do I keep my pet safe during Halloween?

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Halloween is a very exciting day full of festivities, but also some potential dangers for your pet. Here are a few ways to make sure your dog or cat is kept safe during Halloween.

1. No Candy

Dogs and cats should never have chocolate or candies, regardless of the day. Keeping the Halloween treats out of reach and eyesight of your pet is the best way to keep them from getting sick during this holiday.

2. Decorations

While decorating, be sure to take into consideration the potential dangers of what you are putting out to your pet. Make sure nothing that can be chewed on, like wires, are out of reach of your furry friend. Any open flames need to be secure and inaccessible, because that’s dangerous for your pet, but also for your house. No one wants a fire!

3. Costumes

Halloween costumes should be loose-fitting with as few pieces as possible. Keep it simple, and make sure your pet is able to move around with no restriction.

4. Isolation

Halloween is full of noises; knocking, doorbells, excited children. If your dog tends to be skittish, put them in a room by themselves with familiar items, like a blanket and toys, can calm them down and prevent any unwanted anxiety. If the problem is severe enough, consider boarding for the night or even the weekend.

5. Identification

Pets should have identification no matter what. On Halloween, however, having their tag and/or microchip is especially important. This will ensure that if your best friend were to escape, they have a better chance of making their way back to you.

Accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are. Make sure to have the number of your local emergency veterinarian on hand to give your pet the very best chance, and peace of mind for everyone involved.


Sharing Is Caring!