Unmissable Health Reasons Why You Need To Add A Pooch To Your Family!

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You might be surprised to know that there is research which shows that dog owners tend to be more healthy than non-dog owners! The wonderful pets can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health! Therefore, as well as providing your family with so much joy, they can help you to keep your health intact. Here are some unmissable health reasons why you need to head to the pound to add a new pooch to your family!


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They Will Ensure You Get More Active

As you may know, dogs require daily walks to ensure they stay healthy. Exercise can also help tame their behavior and keep them happy every day. And as you take them for a walk, you will also be improving your physical health. After all, we need to stay active every day to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. But we often struggle to fit exercise into our lives. Therefore, by getting a pooch, you can ensure you are getting active every day. As well as taking them for walks, you can play games with them in the yard to ensure you and your dog stay active! Check out our previous blog for some games you will want to play with your furry friend!


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They Can Boost Your Mood

After a hard day, it’s often tricky to boost your mood. After all, a bath and a hearty meal can only do so much to make you happy again. But by spending time with your dog, you can feel instantly happier. Their adorable faces and wagging tail can make us feel better. And a cuddle of the pooch will ensure depression stays away! And also, research has found dogs can lower blood pressure levels which will ensure your heart stays healthy! Therefore, you can boost your mood and improve your mental health if you add a pooch to your life!


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They Can Provide You With Emotional Support

It might sound unusual, but a dog can actually give people emotional support. If you are suffering from some form of mental illness, they can be the boost you need to take on everyday tasks. In fact, an emotional support dog is often prescribed by a health professional to provide emotional stability to their owner. With a letter from a mental health professional, you can take the dog with you when traveling. And you can live in rented accommodation with the pooch without incurring any charges. Emotional Support Dogs could be the step you need to help beat the depression!

Being Around the Pet Can Stop Allergies

And if you have children, having a pet pooch is a fantastic way to prevent them growing up with allergies and asthma. In fact, research has found infants who are exposed to furry animals when they are young are less likely to grow up with pet allergies. Additionally, they are also less likely to suffer from skin problem eczema! Just a few more reasons why you need to add a pooch to your family this year!

And remember, while they are helping your health, you are also looking after them at the same time. After all, a dog who is living with a caring family is more likely to have a healthy and happy long life!

Sharing Is Caring!