Choosing a Pet Sitter

You have decided to hire a pet sitter. You might be thinking “What next?” Here at Trusty Tails, we encourage you to do your research before you hire a pet sitter. We have compiled a list of some questions and important things to factor in as you’re considering who might be the best sitter to carry the responsibility of caring for your pets while you’re away.

1.) Is the company you’re looking at a professional pet sitting company or an independent contractor?

An independent contract may be a less expensive option however, use caution. A professional hoboken pet sitter company that is licensed, bonded and insured provides more security for you, your home and most importantly, your pet. The company owner should be easily accessible by phone and email. They should also have a company website and be searchable on the internet.

2.) Is there a contract or binding agreement involved?

You should always have something in writing that outlines what services will be provided, when they are provided, as well as the costs associated with a pet sitter. This allows both you and your pet sitter to be on the same page with what is required by you and your pet as well as what they guarantee to provide.

3.) Is there a consultation?

Any reputable pet sitter will be eager to help you find the best fit for your pets. They will come out, meet your pets and eagerly answer all of your questions.

4.) Are the staff Employees or Independent Contractors? 

If a company hires independent contracors, this means each of their staff are running their own independent businesses and the work is being farmed out to these contractors from the company. If the staff are employees, the company is taking on full responsibility for their staff for better accountability to you.

5.) Are the employees screened?

All employees of any professional company are screened by a background check. This is especially important when you are having an essential stranger gaining access to your home and your loving pets. If the employees are background checked, it adds an additional layer of safety and security.

6) How long has the company been in business and what is the background of the owner?

While a newer company may be just as dependable and trustworthy, you can’t undermine the benefits of dealing with a company with longevity. They will definitely have more experience with all situations that may arise and should come with plenty of references.

7.) How will the company keep you informed of your pet’s status while you’re away?

Find out if the pet sitter assigned to your pet will send you a text, email or photo while you’re away. This shows they care and understand the uncertainty of leaving your furry family member at home.

8.) How does the company keep track of the information about your pets and your instructions?

This is important. In this day and age, we all expect the convenience of technology plus it can provide an added measure of security and just another way to assure that your pet is being taken care of. For example, does the company provide GPS tracking? With the click of a mouse, can you find out exactly what time your pet sitter arrived at your home and what route they walked your dog?  Does the company email you invoices and provide credit card processing?

Choosing a pet sitter can seem like a daunting task but with these tips, it doesn’t have to be. Take the time to do your research and you won’t be disappointed.

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