What Does A Dog Walker Do?

Are you asking yourself “What Does A Dog Walker Do?”  I know it may seem pretty simple, just take the dog out to go the bathroom, but there is actually a lot of thought Curious as to what happens during a dog walk with a Trusty Tails Hoboken Dog Walker? Here are just a few topics that come to mind:

We Note Your Dog’s Personality

Some dogs are shy or protective of their home.  Some dogs absolutely love anyone they meet.  A dog walker has to be prepared for every single type of dog personality.  Understanding a dog’s personality and reading their body language is most important when getting a dog ready to go out the door.  Each dog’s personality is different and this means that not all dogs may mix well together.

We Check Your Client Notes and Profiles

Our online scheduling system allows us to review all the apartment details, instructions, and pet notes from the client before we even enter the apartment.  These details are wonderful and help us to be prepared for my job before I am even there.

We Provide Food, Water, Cleanup

We always check the water bowl to make sure it is clean and there is fresh water.  We put out breakfast, lunch, or dinner, if instructed to do so.  Sometimes, while mom and dad are out, a dog or puppy can get into some trouble.  Upon arrival to the home, it’s our job to ensure all is as it should be in the apartment.  If there is an accident , cleanup is necessary, and we are here to help.

We Check Collars and Harnesses, Put On Booties, Coats

Before a walk can even begin, walkers need to become familiar with the different collars and harnesses available.  We ensure the dog is properly fitted in the collar or harness so that a walk can be a safe as possible.  If you leave the items out, we will also make sure that your dog is dressed correctly for the elements of weather by putting on booties to prevent them from the dangers of the salt during a snow storm.

 We Provide Socialization For Your Dog

Our favorite part about dog walking is the socializing with other dogs.  Whether it is walking with 1-2 other Trusty Tails clients on the walk, or meeting a new friendly dog on the street.  Dogs are pack animals and just love meeting other furry friends and saying hello by sniffing a good butt.

Length of the Dog Walk

Walks are usually 30 minutes, but can be 45 minutes to an hour too.    We prefer to exercise a dog by walking them around town, but are happy to take a dog to the park at the owner’s request.   Dogs, of course, are usually going to do their business when they are out and about town.  It’s our job as the walker to clean up after the dog.  This ensures our beloved Hoboken remains clean and tidy as it should be.

GPS Tracking, Alerts and a Personalized Note

The walks are GPS tracked in real time. Walkers are monitored and clients receive an email alerting them to when the walk begins, and again when their dog has been returned home safely.  The client also receives a note from the walker detailing the journey they had during the walk.  A client never has to worry!

Have Questions?

Does your dog have specific needs not listed here?  We’re here to help and would love to talk to you about your pet care needs. Call us at 201-446-1559 or reach out through our Contact Us form.