Meet Our Tails Family: Luna

Meet Camila and Luna!  Camila has been in Hoboken for the past four years.  After many years of living in NYC, she eventually found her way to Hoboken when she and her now-husband, Colin started dating.  They have had Luna for 3 years now (best 3 years of their lives!) and they rescued her after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.  Born and raised in PR, Camila always knew she wanted to adopt a Sato (Puerto Rican Mutt) and once her and Colin saw how many Satos were being evacuated to different shelters in NYC, they knew it was time.  They learned that Animal Haven was set to receive an influx of Satos from The Sato Project – an amazing non-profit committed to rescuing street dogs in PR – and that’s where they met Luna and immediately fell in love!

Luna 1

How Luna Got Her Name

Honestly, no significance at all.  Camila was going back and forth with her cousin on potential dog names and she mentioned Luna and that was pretty much it!

The most rewarding thing about being a pet owner

Getting a happy tail wag when she sees them come into the room – it just melts their heart.

The hardest thing about being a pet owner

Pre-pandemic, it was leaving her alone all day!  Now, it’s trying to get her to respect boundaries of having to work from home.

Luna 2


I’m turning 4 in February but I’m still a puppy at heart.


Sato!  Hard to know exactly what I am but DNA test points to an American Staffie mix.

If You Were in America’s Got Talent, What Would Your Story Be?

My talent would be supersonic hearing (have you seen my ears?!) I can hear a banana being peeled from a mile away.

What Is Your Favorite Place To Hang Out When You Get Out?

I love to hang out by the waterfront – so many great sniffs and doggo friends to run into!

Where Do You Love To Sleep After A Hard Day’s Work?

I have a pretty sweet perch by the front window that’s super cozy and I get to people/dog watch.

What Are You Favorite Pet Treats?

Never had I treat I didn’t like but right now I’m really into crunchy treats from Bocce’s Bakery!

What Human Food Do You Save Your Begging Skills For?

Cheese! Cheddar Cheese to be exact – I do that funny lip quiver thing whenever I get a taste.

Luna 3

What’s The Funniest Thing You Ever Did (Maybe It Didn’t Make Your Owner Laugh!)? 

I took a trip out to my Grandparent’s house in the burbs and decided it was a splendid idea to chase a full-grown deer in the backyard.  I got pretty close and then … “Bunny! OMG cute bunny alert! Come here little buddy!”.  I proceeded to chase this bunny for a good 10 all while my parents were chasing me around the neighbors’ lawns.

What’s The Cutest Thing You Ever Did (Apart From Everything!)?

I’m a really great babysitter!  I love hanging out and playing with my nephew Jack and cousin Noah.  We’re all pretty darn cute together.

What Do You Think Your Human Loves Most About You (Apart From Everything!)?

My cute wiggle butt.

What Does Your Human Do That Annoys You (Promise Not To Tell Them!)?

They withhold human food from me too much.

What Do You Love Most About Your Pet Sitter (We Will Definitely Tell Them!)?

I love seeing Amy! She always brings friends over to walk with me and takes such good care of me.