Why Trusty Tails Cat Sitting Services Will Make Your Life Easier

If you work long hours or are planning an upcoming trip, you’ve likely gone over all the cat care options out there. We bet you first considered asking a neighbor, family, or friends. But what about hiring a professional cat sitting service in Hoboken and Jersey City? You want the best care for your cat while you’re away. She deserves to be well taken care of even when you’re not there.

With in-home cat care, you can be guaranteed of the following benefits:

  • A happier pet, since she gets to stay at home without undue stress
  • Uninterrupted diet and exercise routine
  • Lower risk of illness
  • No more travel trauma for both of you

Hiring a professional cat sitting service has never been easier. Not only can you get the best experience for your kitty, but you can also tailor each visit to meet your needs. Pet sitters offer a variety of tasks including feeding, exercise, medicine giving, litter box cleaning, and of course, plenty of love. If you’re looking for the best pet care, look no further than cat sitting services in Hoboken and Jersey City.   Here is why you should hire a professional cat sitter:

1. They make it their job to understand and provide great care to animals.

Who is better to take care of your cat than someone who wants to be there? People don’t usually fall into this line of work by accident. A professional pet sitter has made the decision to put his/her animal whispering skills to good use. Cat sitters know the unique behavior and subtle cues of felines. This makes them the perfect person to ensure your cat’s comfort while you’re away. They know what to do to make your kitty relaxed and at ease. Plus, any dangerous or unhealthy situations will be spotted immediately and handled.

2. In-home cat care means individualized attention.

When calling a neighbor, family member, or friend, your cat might not get the personalized attention she needs. Sure, her water and food bowl will be filled, but what about exercise? Will these sitters play with her or find her if she’s hiding? As you know, kitties need as much stimulation as possible to avoid boredom. With a professional sitter, your cat’s needs will be met with love and enthusiasm. While completing the basics, like feeding and cleaning the litter box, cat sitters will also check your cat for stress or injuries. Not to mention, cat sitters have experience with all types of pet personalities, so your cat will get care based on her likes, dislikes, and habits.

3. They have specialized training when it comes to medical needs.

If your cat needs medications, injections, or specialized care, hiring professional in-home cat care services is the smart choice. Most cat sitters have top-notch skills when it comes to maintaining pet health. They also can see a problem quicker than your average neighbor, family member, or friend. This means fast and effective action so your cat can be happy and healthy.

So, the next time you’re feeling guilty about leaving your cat home alone while you’re away for a work trip or on vacation, make sure to consider us.  It’ll make your life a lot easier knowing your cat is being cared for by a compassionate and reliable professional. If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from our cat sitting services in Hoboken and Jersey City, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!