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Top 5 Harnesses for Dogs that Pull

Top 5 Harnesses for Dogs that Pull

Having a hard time choosing a harness?  We totally get it.  We’ve just about seen every kind of harness.  In this article, we discuss the Top 5 Harnesses for Dogs That Pull among our Trusty Tails clients that we know both the dog-walker and dog will enjoy!  Our professional pet sitters have seen all types of harnesses with unique styles.  

Harnesses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. It is almost impossible to decide which one to use without just picking up one only because it’s the right size. Harnesses are a blessing because they work great for dogs that pull frequently and enforce the dog to follow with just a couple of tugs. Meanwhile, if dogs wear collars (and they are pulling dogs) they can easily escape if you or the dog pulls hard enough. Not only that but with the awful choking and pulling experience, it does not benefit the dog-walker or the dog. Harnesses are definitely a go to, but what harnesses actually work? Some dogs may not even require a harness and a collar would suit them just fine. However, there are certain dogs that require a harness.  

Top 5 Dog Harnesses (1)

1.) Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog

This dog walking harness has amazing features! It is an easy-to-use harness that requires minimal effort. All you have to do is slip the harness over your dog’s head and clip the Quick Release Buckles in the center. What I like best about this harness is the minimal effort required. Some harnesses can be so complex and yet they aren’t as efficient as they may seem. This product on the other hand is simplicity at its finest. One of the best features is the halt ring attached to the harness. If your dog pulls, it will turn him around. This is an excellent way to train the dog and to enforce that pulling is not allowed. Overall, this is an awesome product for those dogs that constantly pull! This is definitely a favorite and I can assure you that you will not be let down!


  • Easy-to-use harness
  • Requires minimal effort
  • Halt ring attached to the harness
  • Quick Release Buckle
  • If your dog pulls, it will turn him around, thus reinforcing “no pull”.

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

2.) PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

I’ve seen many clients utilize the easy walk harness. I really love how this harness is so different from the others. What makes it unique is the location of the ring that you put your leash through. Instead of on top or near the neck, it’s on the front of the dog’s chest. I would say that this harness targets those customers who want their dog to feel the most comfortable. The idea is that it redirects forward motion for dogs that pull. A definite favorite!

Features / Benefits:

  • Lead attaches to harness at the dog’s chest
  • Redirects forward motion for dogs that like to tug

Puppia Soft Mesh dog harness

3.) Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness

Puppia is quite a popular brand that is quite frequently used in smaller dogs. This is a little different from the other two harnesses because this offers a vest. Dogs will absolutely love this harness because it includes a soft mesh material that makes your dog feel comfortable. This is a fantastic harness that absolutely will prevent your dog from choking. This best suits dogs that are small rather than larger dogs. I would recommend this harness for small to medium-sized dogs.

Features / Benefits:

  • Soft mesh material comfortable for the dog
  • Prevent’s dog from choking when pulling
  • Best for smaller dogs

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EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

4.) EzyDog Quick Fit Dog Harness

This harness gives the dog-walker full control.  Unlike other harnesses, this one includes a cool ID tag holder that doesn’t require a collar. Another really cool feature that I like about this product is the reflective stitching. This is an awesome feature to have when walking your dog late at night! I love this product because it is so easy to use and reinforces the no-pulling rule. It is definitely an awesome collar for those of you that frequently walk your dog late at night time.

Features / Benefits:

  • Provides owner with full walking control
  • ID tag holder (thus no collar required)
  • Reflective stitching
  • Reinforces no-pulling

Ruff Wear Front Range Harness

5.) Ruffwear Front Range

This harness is definitely the fanciest option compared to the other 4 harnesses. It includes a lot of padding which is awesome in giving your dog a comfortable experience. I love how this product is so secure and is definitely for those bigger breeds like German Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs that might need a firm harness. Definitely the perfect fit for dogs that go for long walks. This is one of my absolute favs.

Features  / Benefits:

  • Easy to use and put on
  • Comfortable for the dog
  • Two leash attachments – at the dog’s back and at the dog’s chest
  • ID pocket keeps tags quiet
  • Great for training or additional control.

What type of harness does your dog wear? Is it one we listed? Or do you and your dog prefer a different kind?

Hope you have found our article on the Top 5 Harnesses for Dogs that Pull. It’s always tough looking at an entire selection when you don’t know what you are really looking for.  If you found this article helpful, give it a share or reach out and contact us as we’d love to hear from ya.

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