Why Experience Is Necessary in a Dog Sitter

You wouldn’t leave your child with someone who isn’t responsible. So why leave Fido or Fifi with someone who has no idea how to care for a pet? Finding a dog sitter that possesses knowledge of animal care is a better choice over someone who has had limited interaction with animals. Below, we discuss 4 reasons why experience is necessary in a dog sitter.

Here are four reasons why experience is necessary when it comes time to care for your dog:

1. Dog sitting is more work than you think.

There is a major difference between being a professional dog sitter and hanging out with a friend’s pet. While there will be play time and cuddles (if that is what your pet likes), a dog-sitting service will know that there is more to be done than provide the animal with company. A dog sitter will be expected to walk your animal so they get fresh air, can sniff as many trees and bushes as they’d like, and get a healthy dose of exercise for the day. Feeding is also important—especially if your pup is on a feeding schedule—so a pet sitter will need to know what and how much to feed them.

In addition, the less glamorous part of the job is cleaning up after your pet. If you don’t have a big backyard for your dog to run around in, it’s most likely that the dog sitter will take them to a park or field where they can run and do their business. Someone with experience caring for animals versus just keeping them company will know it’s much more involved than most people would think. And let’s face it; you want your dog to get the best.

2. Dealing with multiple animals requires experience.

If you have more than one pet, a dog sitter should be able to balance their needs equally, providing adequate playtime, attention, and fresh air for each pet. Someone with less experience may not be able to handle numerous pups with varying personalities. A professional dog sitter will be able to manage the chaos and excitement of multiple pets in a way that gets all their needs met.

3. Capable of caring for someone else’s pet.

There is an immense responsibility when caring for someone else’s pet. Much like caring for someone’s child, you have to ensure that a dog sitter knows what needs to be done and can accomplish it. For pet owners who have very active dogs, but due to work or prior commitments can’t have a hand in giving their pet the activity they need, a dog sitter is a great option. They can work off your pup’s energy, which is important for breeds that need the extra stimulation.

4. An experienced dog sitter understands when a pet needs them and when they don’t.

Being an animal lover doesn’t automatically make someone an expert. A person who has spent ample time working with animals knows when they need you and when they want to be left alone. Forcing interactions on a pet doesn’t build trust, and it will make them feel scared. A dog sitter with experience can gauge when your pet wants space and when they want attention.

A dog sitter with expertise handling different animals and providing care for them will have a much better understanding of your pet’s needs. If you work a lot and can’t spend as much time with your pup as you’d like, consider choosing a dog walking or pet-sitting company that has experienced professionals who will cater to your pet’s needs and treat them like the furry little kings and queens that they are.

If you’re a pet owner who would love to spend as much time as possible with your pet, but due to career or family demands can’t, a dog sitter is a great option. They can provide your pup with all the love and attention they deserve while you’re gone—and when you get back, you will have your dog at his best.

If you have any questions about hiring an experienced dog sitter, contact our team today.