10 Christmas Movies for Pet Lovers

Are you a cat or a dog lover? How about a Christmas lover?! If you answered “yes” to both of these questions than you will probably agree that there is simply nothing better than a combo of your favorite pet and your favorite holiday in the precious art form of a movie. So, to help you choose what you’ll be watching this holiday season we have comprised a list of Christmas movies featuring cats and/or dogs! We hope you enjoy!

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

We love to see the hairy green Jim Carrey  in the remake of the classic Dr. Seuss – “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. More than anything else, we love to see his adorable companion Max who ends up taking the brunt of the Grinch’s work, and seems to be the most wise (and ethical) of the two. Let’s face it, is anything better than when he puts on the reindeer costume?

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton classic 1993 film, “A Nightmare Before Christmas”, is perfect for Halloween and for Christmas. It’s the sort of movie that you can put on October 30th and watch up until December 25th. Zero is Jack the Pumpkin King’s most loyal and loving companion (and ghost dog). We love watching Zero interact with Jack in the land of Halloween. This is a fun movie for anyone to watch, although, some small children may be frightened.

3. The Search for Santa Paws

The Search for “Santa Paws” is a super cute children’s movie that has sequels, if you’re in the mood for a binge watching session. When Santa Claus travels to New York City and gets hit by a vehicle he loses both his memory and the crystal that keeps him eternal. His puppy named Paws is the only one who can save him and save Christmas. This one is definitely a children’s movie but it is adorable to watch and will warm your heart.

3. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

“Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” is about a lonely cat living in a pet shop that is soon to be closed. Grumpy Cat is bitter that she is continuously passed over for other animals in the store, but is surprised to find that she can communicate with an equally lonely 12-year-old girl that is equally shocked that Grumpy Cat can talk. This is another movie more targeted for children, but it is good for some laughs and totally cute moments.

5. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure is about a Christmas elf mistakenly takes off in Santa’s sleigh, crashes in a small town, and loses the infamous magic toy bag. It is up to Beethoven to rescue the elf, recover the bag from criminals, and give back the sleigh to Santa in time to save Christmas.

6. A Dog Named Christmas

In the movie “A Dog Named Christmas”, a local animal shelter launches an ‘Adopt a dog for Christmas program, Todd, a young man with a learning disability.  He embarks on an endeavor to ensure that as many dogs as possible get adopted by the local community.

7. Charlie Brown Christmas


How can you resist Snoopy favorite.  “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is certainly a fan favorite since 1965.  Snuggle up with your pets and enoy watching Snoopy and gang discover the true meaning of Christmas.

8. Christmas with Tucker

Are you in the mood for a holiday tear jerker?  If so, “Christmas with Tucker” is for you.  Snuggle up with your pet and get the tissues ready as you watch George manage his sadness while is grandparents deal with their struggling farm.  George befriend’s his neighbor’s dog Tucker to form an instant bond.

9. All Dogs Christmas Carol

“All Dogs Christmas Carol” is a fantastic spin on the favorite classic “A Christmas Carol”, but this one is with all dogs.  Get the popcorn and hot chocolate and enjoy this classic tale with a new fun twist.

10. Project Puppies for Christmas

“Project: Puppies for Christmas” is a feel good story about two sisters who are struggling with the loss of their mother.  The want to get a puppy from Santa Claus for Christmas and decide to befriend a grumpy man in hopes that it will help.  Totally a feel good movie you must curl up on the couch with your pet and watch.

As you snuggle down with your cookies and hot chocolate, we hope you will take a peek at a couple these heartwarming holiday classics. What’s your favorite holiday classic that showcases an awesome dog or cat?