Funniest Cat Videos of 2015

The internet is full of amazing facts, funny pictures and videos but why are cat videos so popular? What is it that makes felines so funny? Well, cats are very care free and don’t care if anyone is watching. So, they are natural performers and do exactly as they please, which makes for some funny videos.

Cats can be very cute or just the opposite, no so cute. But, in both scenarios people find them intriguing to watch. They also have a danger about them (you know, curiosity killed the cat). Cats also have very expressive faces and body language so they appeal to human emotion.

There are an infinite number of cat pictures and videos online. Celebrity talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres loves cats and cat videos so much she created a theme on her show called, Cat Week. Every day for a whole week she shows all her favorite, funniest cat videos. She has 3 cats of her own and shows funny videos of them too.

The most famous of cats captured on video is Morris. He is well known for his 9 Lives cat food commercials. He not only puts on a show for us, but has important messages too. Like sleeping more, eating better and ‘uptightis’. Uptightis means all work and no play and according to Morris, most adults are guilty of this. He also advises that the prescription for this is to go out and play.

Some people find watching cat videos cathartic, relaxing, or just a good way to pass the time. If you are one of those people, you can search the internet and be entertained for hours, even days. It might even be good for you, according to some researchers. Watching cute cat videos gives us pleasure. When we see something cute, cuddly and funny, our brain gets an instant dopamine boost and we’re happy.

If you are one of those cat lovers out there, or you’re just in need of some happiness, log onto your computer and search for cat videos. You will find thousands, if not millions of cat videos to entertain and make you smile.

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