Fun Games To Play With Your Cat

If you want to treat your cat to some playtime, there are many different ways to do it. Some cats are very playful, while others will enjoy more laid-back games. Here are six fun games to play with your cat – give them a try and see which one is his favorite.

Play With a Wand and String Toy

Many cats adore wand and string toys. You can find countless variations of these toys for sale online and in pet stores. Some include feathers on the end of the string, while others include stuffed mice or other objects. Try out a few different wands to see which type your cat loves, then spend some time playing with your cat.

Crumple Up Paper

Sometimes the best cat toys are the simplest. Crumple up some small balls of paper and flick them across a hardwood or tile floor. The sound and the motion will catch your cat’s attention, and if he’s feeling playful then you’ll be in for a show as he chases and bats the paper balls around.

Create a Light Image on the Wall

Have you ever noticed how your cat is attracted to the flash of a reflection or light against the wall? Get a flashlight and dim the lights in the room, then shine the beam against the wall. Many cats love to chase these light beams across the wall and the floor. Just be sure to steer the beam carefully and never point it directly into your cat’s eyes.

Make Paper Bags Fun

Many cats are naturally attracted to paper bags, but you can make them even more fun. Toss some toys into the paper bags to get your cat’s attention, or maybe put a little catnip in the bag. You can also cut small holes in the bag and poke a bit of string or some feathers into the holes for your cat to play with.

Bounce Fun Toys in the Bathtub

Does your cat love playing in the bathtub? You can use his natural attraction to the tub to create a fun game. Gather up some toys which will rattle against the tub’s surface – plastic Easter eggs or ping pong balls work well. Toss the toys into the tub when your cat is nearby, and your cat will likely leap into the tub after the toys. Just make sure that the tub is completely dry when you attempt this game.

Put Your Tablet to Use

If you have access to a tablet, then look up some of the games available made specifically for cats. Cats seem to love batting at moving objects on the screen with their paws – download a game and give it a try.

What fun games does your cat like to play?

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