Interview with Trusty Tails Pet Sitter Javier

Javier has been a pet sitter with Trusty Tails since December 2019 and primarily covers midtown and uptown Hoboken.  Prior to Trusty Tails, he was a cashier at the Acme Supermarket in Hoboken.  But when he heard amazing things about working for Trusty Tails from his girlfriend and pet sitter, Lizzie,  he decided to join our team.

What made him become a pet sitter?

His love for animals, and being able to see and spend time with dogs everyday.

What is his favorite part of being at Trusty Tails?

Seeing how happy and excited his pup clients are for their walk and watching them make new friends along their walk.


What’s the hardest part in his role as a pet sitter at Trusty Tails?

His least favorite part of the job is when one of his pup clients get sick and he can’t see them.

What does he do when he’s not working at Trusty Tails?

His interests outside of Trusty Tails are playing video games, watching football, and spending time with his girlfriend, Trusty Tails pet sitter Lizzie.

Are you interested in learning more about our pet sitters at Trusty Tails?

Please contact us today at 201.232.9435 or  We look forward to hearing from you!