Meet Our Tails Family: Bo

Meet Bo! His pawrents, Natalie and Mike, have been Hoboken residents for 6 years, and he has been with them for almost 6 months! He came into his pawrent’s life at the perfect time to keep them busy and distract them from all the craziness going on in the world! He has been their light to all of this!

Bo 1

How Bo Got His Name

Bo is short for Bocelli, as in Andre Bocelli, his pawrent’s favorite musician.

The most rewarding thing about being a pet owner

The love and dependence Bo gives Natalie and Mike. He has taught them so much, and their love for him is so strong!

The hardest thing about being a pet owner

Leaving Bo! They love including him in all their activities, although sometimes they can’t.

Bo 2


7 months


Golden Retriever

What Is Your Favorite Place To Hang Out When You Get Out?

I  love to go hiking with my pawrents or going to my families’ house where I can swim in their pool, run in the yard and play with my cousin Cooper!

Where Do You Love To Sleep After A Hard Day’s Work?

I loves my bed because it’s so comfy.  I also love to snuggle with mom and dad!

Bo 3

What Are You Favorite Pet Treats?

I love Greenies and bully sticks !

What Human Food Do You Save Your Begging Skills For?

I love steak, although I can’t have too much human food!

What’s The Funniest Thing You Ever Did (Maybe It Didn’t Make Your Owner Laugh!)? 

I went to Alvi’s Spa in Hoboken, got a massage and had a photo shoot with Alvi, the owner!

What’s The Cutest Thing You Ever Did (Apart From Everything!)?

I snuggle with mom and dad every morning !

Bo 4

Be Honest…What’s The Naughtiest Thing You Ever Did (We Won’t Tell Your Human!)?

I ate mommy’s leftover steak from dinner!

If You Could Be Any Superhero Which Would You Be?

Aquaman because I love to swim

What Do You Think Your Human Loves Most About You (Apart From Everything!)?

My goofiness and how playful I am

Bo 5

What Does Your Human Do That Annoys You (Promise Not To Tell Them!)?

Not feed me human food

What Do You Love Most About Your Pet Sitter (We Will Definitely Tell Them!)?

He always plays with me and pets me!