Meet Our Tails Family: Finn

Meet Rachel and Finn!  Rachel, and her boyfriend Drew have lived in Hoboken for 4 years and have been pawrents to Finn for one year.  Finn was adopted from Muddy Paws Rescue in NYC and it was love at first sight.  Rachel and Drew didn’t know what type of dog they would end up with but when they saw Finn’s puppy photo on their website, they knew they had to have him.


How Finn Got His Name

Rachel had always wanted to name her first dog Finn so when she adopted him, she knew what his name would be right away. Most people think it’s short for Finley or Finnegan when they meet him, but it’s actually short for Finster.  Luckily Drew was on board with this name, as well!

The most rewarding thing about being a pet owner

The unconditional love and bond Rachel and Drew share with Finn.  He is always there to go on an adventure with them, comfort them if they have had a bad day or cuddle with them on the couch.  He is such a huge part of their family and they can’t imagine life without him.

The hardest thing about being a pet owner

The discipline it takes to train Finn on how to behave in their home, with other people and other dogs. It’s hard to be firm with him when he is so cute!



1 year


Shepherd Mix

If You Were in America’s Got Talent, What Would Your Story Be?

That I’ve travelled a long way from Kentucky with all of my siblings to make a name for myself in the big city!

What Is Your Favorite Place To Hang Out When You Get Out?

My favorite places to hang out are the Hudson Street dog park and Cork City Pub (it’s dog friendly!)

Where Do You Love To Sleep After A Hard Day’s Work?

On the widest part of the couch, usually on top of my favorite blanket with my head on the arm rest.


What Are You Favorite Pet Treats?

I love Milk Bones!

What Human Food Do You Save Your Begging Skills For?

Anything that Dad is cooking in the kitchen (or peanut butter, of course).

What’s The Funniest Thing You Ever Did (Maybe It Didn’t Make Your Owner Laugh!)? 

I like to walk right into the closet and then pretend I’m stuck.  I whine until my parents come into the bedroom and have to “let me out”.

What’s The Cutest Thing You Ever Did (Apart From Everything!)?

I wore my cutest red-and-blue striped sweater on my adoption day when my parents took me to my forever home.  I was only 7lbs!

Be Honest…What’s The Naughtiest Thing You Ever Did (We Won’t Tell Your Human!)?

I climbed up onto the kitchen table and stood there on all fours when no one was watching.  They caught me because I didn’t know how to get down!


If You Could Be Any Superhero Which Would You Be?

The Hulk – because I destroy every toy that I own.

What Do You Think Your Human Loves Most About You (Apart From Everything!)?

They love how good-hearted and one-of-a-kind I am.  They also love that I want to be friends with every other dog, and kids too!

What Does Your Human Do That Annoys You (Promise Not To Tell Them!)?

Whenever I find socks in the apartment to play with, my humans take them away from me.  It’s SO annoying.

What Do You Love Most About Your Pet Sitter (We Will Definitely Tell Them!)?

I love that my pet sitters give me A LOT of attention and play time.  They also take me to the dog park and on the best walks! They even hang out with me for hours at a time with me when my parents are away.