Meet the Tails Family: Howie and Blondie

Meet Jennifer and her cats Howie and Blondie!  Jennifer has lived in Hoboken for over 10 years on and off.  She has had Howie for 9 years and Blondie for 6 years.

How They Got Their Names

Jennifer kept Blondie’s name when she adopted him.  Howie was named by her friends who visited the same week she adopted him.  His whole name is Howard James Finkelstein!

The most rewarding thing about being a pet owner

Being able to give them a life they wouldn’t have had being in a shelter.

The hardest thing about being a pet owner

That Howie and Blondie don’t always get along.  They’re like two ships passing in the night most of the time.



Howie: 9 years old

Blondie: 8 years old


Mixed breeds

If You Were in America’s Got Talent, What Would Your Story Be?

Howie: I was adopted so young that my favorite person is my mom.  I’m really not fond of other people.  I just want them to feed me.  I’ve live in luxury and have the run of the house.  My talent would be mice catching.

Blondie: I was adopted at 2 years and was constantly passed over because of my special needs.  I am deaf and have mild cerebellar hypoplasia.  I’m also going blind and have been diagnosed with another brain degenerative condition but I don’t let any of that stop me!  My talent is looking cute.

What Is Your Favorite Place To Hang Out When You Get Out?

We both are only indoors and prefer to look at the outside from the windows.


Where Do You Love To Sleep After A Hard Day’s Work?

Howie: I like the closet or a nice spot in the sun (especially when my mom puts pillows and blankets out in the sun spots for me).

Blondie: I love the ottoman in the house. I also like the couch and the bed.

What Are You Favorite Pet Treats?

Howie: I love freeze dried chicken and dental treats.

Blondie: Meat tubes all day every day!

What Human Food Do You Save Your Begging Skills For?

Howie: I love ham!

Blondie: I love cheese!

What’s The Funniest Thing You Ever Did (Maybe It Didn’t Make Your Owner Laugh!)? 

Howie: I’m not allowed on the kitchen table but I constantly sneak up there all the time.  My mom yells at me and I yell back at her.  She’s not the boss of me!

Blondie: I do lots of funny things.  Usually when I look at my mom and tilt my head to the side.  That always makes her giggle.


What’s The Cutest Thing You Ever Did (Apart From Everything!)?

Howie: My mom thinks it’s cute when I play with my crab cat nip toy.  I really get into it

Bonnie: Like I said before, when I do my head tilt.  But I’m also funny when I play with my ball toys because I play with all of them at once.

Be Honest…What’s The Naughtiest Thing You Ever Did (We Won’t Tell Your Human!)?

Howie: Jumping on the kitchen table.  I do what I want!

Blondie: When I kick my brother out of the bed because I want it to myself

If You Could Be Any Superhero Which Would You Be?

Howie: Spider-Man because I’m such a good jumper and often jump to places my mom didn’t know I could get to.

Blondie: Hawkeye because I love naps just like him

What Do You Think Your Human Loves Most About You (Apart From Everything!)?

Howie: How loyal I am and am always there for her.

Blondie: The kisses and head butts that I give her.


What Does Your Human Do That Annoys You (Promise Not To Tell Them!)?

Howie: Clip my nails.

Blondie: Ditto.  I hate that.  And cleaning my ears.

What Do You Love Most About Your Pet Sitter (We Will Definitely Tell Them!)?

Howie: That she respects my space because I don’t really like anyone but my mom.

Blondie: Visitors!  I love visitors!  I love people!  And treats.