Meet Trusty Tails Pet Sitter: Emilio

Emilio has been a pet sitter with Trusty Tails since April 2019 and primarily covers the Jersey City area.  Prior to Trusty Tails, he was working in fast food.

What made him become a pet sitter?

He has loved animals all his life, and what better job to have when you get to be around them all day!

What is his favorite part of being at Trusty Tails?

Getting to see his wonderful regular pups and cats.

What’s the hardest part in his role as a pet sitter at Trusty Tails?

Not necessarily the hardest part of the job, but he prides himself on providing the best service possible to ensure that the pet and their owner are happy.

What does he do when he’s not working at Trusty Tails?

Creating art, films and music

Are you interested in learning more about our pet sitters at Trusty Tails?

Please contact us today at 201.232.9435 or  We look forward to hearing from you!