Meet Trusty Tails Pet Sitter: Emily

Emily is currently a chemical engineering student at the Stevens Institute of Technology and  has been a part-time pet sitter with Trusty Tails since April 2019. She started in her sophomore year of college and found that being a pet sitter is the perfect job for a college student and animal lover!  Prior to Trusty Tails, she worked at a yoga studio.

What made her become a pet sitter?

Animals make her happy!

emily 1

What is her favorite part of being at Trusty Tails?

When the puppies come rushing towards her excited for their walk! Too cute!  Also, the flexibility in allowing her to balance her studies.

What’s the hardest part in her role as a pet sitter at Trusty Tails?

Rainy days when the puppies don’t want to get wet.

Emily 3

What does she do when she’s not working at Trusty Tails?

She is a chemical engineering student and a hostess at a brunch spot in Hoboken.

Are you interested in learning more about our pet sitters at Trusty Tails?

Please contact us today at 201.232.9435 or  We look forward to hearing from you!