Why Overnight Dog Care Is Better Than the Kennel

Ready to finally take that vacation? You’ve been working really hard and deserve to relax. However, hesitation might set in once you remember your best furry friend at home. Who’s going to take care of him when you’re gone?

A dog kennel might be the first solution that pops in your mind. All you do is drop off Fido and let them do the rest. But this might not be the best option out there. There’s another, more comfortable place to leave your dog…right at home.

Yes, there’s such a thing! It’s called overnight dog care, which is just like babysitting. Someone trustworthy comes into a home and takes care of the pet while the owners are away. This includes feeding, cleaning messy areas, administering medications, taking out for walks, and providing all the love your dog needs. What’s better than that? Here’s why it’s much better than the kennel:

1. Your Dog Won’t Be Alone

Kennels are usually void of humans overnight. That means your poor pooch is all alone in a strange new place. With overnight care, someone can be in your house all night, or almost overnight, ready for any and all impromptu cuddle sessions.

2. Individualized Attention

At kennels, dogs are crated up by themselves, only leaving when it’s time to go outside for a walk or play. There are at least a dozen other dogs, usually more, each barking for attention. With a pet sitter, your dog is the number-one priority. This means the sitter will also give special consideration to your dog’s hygiene and wellness. It’s nice having someone around who knows what to do in an emergency.

3. Limited Stress

Either way, your pup is going to miss you dearly. But at a kennel, the stress is compounded by many other factors. Pets are introduced to new environments with unknown smells, sights, and sounds. This can be overwhelming. Pets are also given food they’re not used to, causing upset stomachs. Plus, your pet might end up in the presence of aggressive dogs, which can be especially scary. At home, there’s no lapse between normal routines and dogs can remain comforted with familiar smells, surroundings, and food.

4. No Exposure to Illnesses

Kennels can be breeding grounds for illness. A number of animals are kept in small areas, speeding up the risk of infectious disease like kennel cough. Some diseases are not covered by normal vaccinations and can spread rapidly. With overnight care at home, your dog will not be exposed to these viruses.

5. No Heartache Over Saying Goodbye

Transporting and leaving a pet at a kennel is traumatizing—not only for you, but also for your pet. It’s hard saying goodbye. Overnight care avoids most of this sadness. You can easily slip out the front door instead of putting on the big show of dropping Fido off at a strange place.

Once you experience the peace of mind and convenience of overnight dog care, you’ll never go back. These professionals have the right training, expertise, and love for dogs you need to truly relax while away.