3 Benefits Of Using An Overnight Dog-Care Service

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Three Benefits Of Using An Overnight Dog-Care ServiceTaking care of your dog while you were away was never an easy task until overnight dog care came around. The new service is the ultimate way to ensure your pet’s safety and your peace of mind. There are many benefits that an overnight dog-care service can provide. However, we’ve found that dog owners love these three benefits the most, and because of them, more and more dog owners are using overnight dog-care services instead of an overnight kennel or a family member or friend.

Benefit #1: Your dog stays at home

The benefit of your dog staying at home in their own environment is undoubtedly one of the best benefits of overnight dog care. When you hire an overnight dog-care service, a sitter comes to your home to take care of your dog. The only thing that changes in your dog’s day-to-day routine is you not being there. Your dog sleeps, eats, and plays exactly where they always do. They don’t get anxious, worried, or depressed from being locked up in a kennel or surrounded by unfamiliar dogs. Everything is normal when you return home. Your dog’s mood and routine are unchanged.

Benefit #2: Your dog receives professional care

The best and most qualified person to take care of your dog while you’re away is a professional sitter. They know exactly what to do in any and all situations. They’re also very responsible—keeping a daily log and logging in hours worked is part of a sitter’s job. A professional sitter will spend allocated amounts of time doing things that your dog needs. There are designated times for playing, eating, walking, and snuggling. This type of attention ensures your dog is well taken care of and never feels isolated or alone.

Benefit #3: Your dog is walked according to their routine

Dogs are used to their own walking routine and taking them out of it can be very stressful. Dogs that have their routine changed typically become irritated and anxious. In a worst-case scenario, they become energized and rambunctious. One of the great things about an overnight dog-care service is that your dog gets walked at the same times he or she normally does when you’re home. Evening and late-night walks ensure your dog is comfortable before bed. Early-morning walks ensure your dog starts their day properly. Hiring an overnight dog-care service is the only way to get this type of individual attention for your dog.

These three benefits are not possible when you board your dog or have a family member or friend stop in to take care of them. A kennel service has to take care of many dogs at one time and can’t show your dog the individual attention they need. A family member or friend generally isn’t experienced enough to know what your dog needs. Also, there’s usually time constraints that cause your dog to receive limited attention when a family member or friend is taking care of them. As more and more overnight dog-care services are expanding their businesses, the service is quickly becoming the gold standard in dog care.

Choosing an overnight dog-care service

Choosing an overnight dog-care service that’s right for you and your dog is more important than ever. You want to make sure you go with a company that you and your dog trust. The company should be organized, knowledgeable, and professional. Trusty Tails meets all of these criteria and more. If you’re ready to learn more about our company and services or want to hire an overnight sitter, please contact us at any time.

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