Cat Sitting Vs. Cat Boarding

What’s The Difference Between Cat Sitting And Cat Boarding?

To all my cat pet parents, this one’s for you! So, you’re about to go on vacation (woohoo!), but there’s one small problem.  Who’s going to take care of your cat while you’re away? And what TYPE of care will you need? Visits 3 times a day + a sleepover? Or maybe just one visit a day? Will your cat stay at your home or be boarded in a facility?  Today we’re going to break down cat sitting vs. cat boarding to help you quickly and easily figure out what type of cat care is best for you and your fur baby.

What Is Cat Sitting?

Cat Sitting, by definition, is “the act of caring for a cat in its own home while the owner is away.” So, whenever we talk about cat SITTING, this will always imply that the cat will be happy and tucked away in their own home versus in a facility. This is one of the largest distinctions between cat sitting and cat boarding.

What are the benefits?

Studies have shown that cats are happier and calmer when staying at-home in a familiar environment. Additionally, their daily routines can go uninterrupted, the risk of illness exposure is minimized, and there’s no travel trauma for your kitty.

What does a cat sitter actually do?

A cat sitter is going to be in and out of your home while you’re gone, so it’s important that you have a good understanding of their duties. A typical cat sitter will complete tasks such as feeding, watering, cleaning litter boxes, administering medications (if needed), and most importantly – providing lots of love and care!

So now that you know what a cat sitter does, you just have to decide how many times a day you would like them to visit your cat. Does your cat eat once, twice, or even three times a day? Is your cat more solitary or very attention-loving? Asking yourself these types of questions can help you decide how often a cat sitter should be coming over to give your cat love and care.

What Is Cat Boarding?

Cat boarding is when you take your cat to a facility to stay while you’re away on a vacation. Think of it like a “cat hotel.” There will be other cats there, but your cat will get their own special room with all of their amenities like food, water, toys, etc.

What are the benefits of cat boarding?

Your cat will have round the clock, 24/7 care which they may not have with cat sitting. They’ll get lots of playtime and care with a multitude of caregivers while you’re away. Your cat will have their own private area to stay and relax as well.

What does a cat boarder do?

While your cat is boarded, they might have a number of different caregivers. These people will frequently check-in on your cat to ensure they are getting their meals, fresh water, and are in a happy mood. Some facilities might have a special play room where the cats can come out, walk around, and play with toys.

So now that you know what cat boarding is, you have to decide if 24/7 round-the-clock care is right for you and your cat. Ask yourself if your cat will be able to handle being in a new environment. Think about whether or not you’re comfortable with your cat having multiple caregivers, or prefer only one.

Comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of both cat sitting vs. cat boarding will ultimately help you make the best decision for your cat. You, as a cat owner, know your cat and their personality better than anyone. Only you will be able to make the best choice for your cat. But no matter which care option you choose, your cat will be so excited for you to return – as they prefer your love and care the most!