how do i know my pet sitter came

How Do I Know My Pet Sitter Came?

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How do i know my pet sitter came

In today’s busy world, the last thing that you should be worrying about is whether or not your pet was attended to while you’re away. As much as we’d all love for our dogs and cats to be able to feed and clean up after themselves, it just isn’t so; that’s where your friendly professional pet sitter comes in! We use the same consistent technology for scheduling and communication with you, so you’ll never have to wonder again if our trusted staff saw your pet.

GPS Time Stamp

When our sitters arrive at your home, they’ll check in using GPS tracking and begin the scheduled visit within your requested time frame. This type of appointment typically lasts anywhere from twenty to forty minutes, but our passionate team has been known to spend extra time giving your pet all the love she deserves and then some.

So, don’t panic if you aren’t updated immediately after twenty minutes from check-in has passed; more often than not, your sitter is simply going above and beyond with their care-giving and will be sure to reach out to you once they’re done.

Emailed Notes & Photos From Your Pet’s Online Journal

After saying goodbye to your pet, our staff will complete the visit online and write you a journal entry about their time spent with her. This includes notes on their feeding, bathroom habits, administration of medication, playtime, demeanor, and more. You’ll always know that your sitter followed your directions  with notes on the detailed checklists, and they’ll attach a few pictures of your pet too – is there any better midday pick-me-up than a snapshot of your happy fur baby? (We didn’t think so.)

The GPS map gives you peace of mind in knowing that yes, your sitter truly was in your home with your pet, and it also shows any outings they went on together. All of this is wrapped up into one convenient email, sent your way directly from our system, and is available for you to review at any time in your journal log history in your online account.

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A Happy Pet

Perhaps the easiest way to know that our staff visited your pet is the warm welcome you’ll receive upon your return to them. Nothing speaks higher of a pet sitter than a happy pet, content with the care they’ve been given in your absence, and we can’t wait to provide that love to them again!

Why Choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

Sure, you can always request that your friend or neighbor come and check on your pet, but life often has a funny way of changing plans when you least expect it. Your friend has a family emergency and goes away for the weekend but forgets to mention it to you, and your cat goes unseen for two days; your neighbor falls and breaks his leg on the way to visit your puppy, and is unable to walk and feed her while you’re out of town. Sadly, people are sometimes not accountable for their actions, which leaves you in a tricky situation. That’s why we make sure that your sitter has backup (and that their backup has backup as well), and that they are background checked and trained properly to be responsible at all times. You never have to worry about your pet being cared for if Trusty Tails is on the job!

Sharing Is Caring!