How Much Does A Pet Sitter / Dog Walker Cost?

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When people inquiring about our services, first questions anyone asks us is ‘How Much Does A Pet Sitter / Dog Walker Cost?’  Or ‘Could You Please Email Me Your Price List?’ As you do your research, you are going to find prices ranging all over the place when you inquire with different companies and individuals. These questions are hard to address without knowing the specific needs of your pet.  Below, you will find the topics that affect the cost of our services as well as what the prices for each of our services start at.

What Are The Factors That Affect Pet Sitter / Dog Walker Rates (Costs)?

  • Are you working with a responsible business?
  • Who’s carrying the liability you or the dog walker?  Are the dog walkers and pet sitters covered under Workman’s Compensation, Insured and Bonded?  Believe it or not, this drastically affects the cost, as Workman’s Compensation is incredibly expensive.
    • Why is this important?  Well, if your pet sitter or walker trips and falls and breaks their leg while walking your dog, they can sue you for the medical bills.
  • Are they trained professionals or just a neighbor or friend?’
    • Does the sitter or walker know how to react to various things that can go wrong during a pet visit or dog walk?
  • What is their backup plan when your pet sitter can’t come?  Does your care occur on one of our holidays?
    • What happens when you are sitting on a beach in Hawaii and your pet sitter doesn’t show up? What is your plan? With Trusty Tails, we work as a team, and we always have it covered for ya.

Dog Walker / Puppy Tails Care Cost

In addition to the above list, there are other factors that affect cost of our Dog Walking and Puppy Tails Care Services.  How long is your dog being walked?  What are the length of the walks and how frequently are they? Is a solo walk required?

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  • Trusty Tails Dog Walks and Puppy Care start at $18 per walk when you sign up for 4 thirty-minute walks per week with extended walks, evening, and weekend walks available.

Pet Sitter Rates

We have plenty of Pet Sitting options for you and your pet. Whether your pet needs a quick stop by for food and water or needs more attention and requires extend time with us, we’re happy to be there for you.

  • Daily Stop Over Visits start at $23 for twenty-minutes.
  • Hourly Pet Sitting starts at $40 for a 2-hour minimum.

dog walker pet sitter costCat Sitter Cost

Our Cat Sitting Services are great for the traveler.  Many times, our presence can stress a cat as some don’t really want a cat sitter in their home.  When this is the case, we simply come in, feed your cat and clean their box and tidy up a bit and leave. This usually takes about 20 minutes.  For cats that need a bit more attention, love and affection, we’re happy to stay longer and extended visits are available.

  • Cat Sitting visits start at $23 for 20 minutes, with extended visits available.

Overnight Pet Sitting Cost

At Trusty Tails, we several options of Overnight Pet Sitting for your pets while you area away.   Our In-Our-Home Dog Boarding allows for your pet to come and stay in our home for the time that you are away.  We also offer the Almost Overnight for the pet who doesn’t need someone staying overnight, but requires a few hours in the evening and a visit first thing in the am.  Midday walks can be added to your pet’s schedule.

  • The Almost Overnight starts at $73
  • In-Our-Home Dog Boarding starts at $99.
  • In-Your-Home Overnight Care starts at $99.

How Do You Find Out An Exact Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Rate/Cost?

We like to customize our services for each house hold and their pets based on your routines and the care that is required.  Let us know what your pet’s schedule is and the type of care they require and we would be happy to put together a couple pet sitting or dog walking options together for you along with the pricing of each of each pet care service.

Do We Cover Your Area?

Trusty Tails Pet Care Services area available 24/7, 365 days per year.  Please check out our Service Areas to see if we have pet sitters or dog walkers in your area.

More Questions?

Please check out our Pet Learning Center or our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website.

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